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Cupa Petreului Editia a VI-a Grupa A

Last update 23.05.2015 17:44:35, Creator/Last Upload: dombi rudolf

Starting rank list of players

11FMLevay Sorin1206354ROU2322
3FMBorsavolgyi Tamas701939HUN2257
9Kelemen Imre724149HUN2108
5Kantor Sandor Dr.722693HUN2065
7Somorai Zsolt735841HUN2005
2Juhasz Mihaly703249HUN1983
10Erdei Lajos736538HUN1897
4Kiss Laszlo770418HUN1883
8Vass Laszlo733989HUN1860
6Koncz Istvan743828HUN1803
1Cimpean Andra1231430ROU1700