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Championnat Interclubs de la Montérégie (CIM) 2015

Last update 27.05.2015 05:20:09, Creator/Last Upload: bernard ouimet

Starting rank

1IMHébert Jean10495CAN2429
2Weston Paul43470CAN1963
3Marcone Malcom57148CAN1909
4Morissette Jean15333CAN1832
5Samson Gaétan12047CAN1784
6Durette Francis103664CAN1701
7Mireault Sylvain52266CAN1672
8Pinsonneault Marc41466CAN1624
9Parenteau François16784CAN1576
10Dubreuil Raymond10236CAN1567
11Bédard Michel37405CAN1556
12Gendron Roger84868CAN1498
13Després Alain14040CAN1468
14Patenaude Alain103963CAN1427
15Forest Jimmy105310CAN1426
16Bouchard Alexandre64866CAN1424
17Pincince Jacques34413CAN1415
18Laplante Germain13544CAN1346
19Gil Bernardo104471CAN1249
20Blanchard Robert97064CAN1189
21Massicotte Pascal105181CAN1145
22Pépin Denis103628CAN1141
23Dupont Sébastien88637CAN1091
24Raymond Pierre13735CAN1077
25Lacerte Francis0CAN0