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XII Torneig Actiu Sant Martí 2015

Last update 30.05.2015 13:14:14, Creator/Last Upload: pablo castillo garcia

Starting rank

1Perez Pastora EvaristESP2268Sant Marti C.E.
2Soler Lopez HugoESP2157Sant Marti C.E.
3Rojas Fernandez AndresESP2123Sant Marti C.E.
4Sabater Comas JordiESP2075Sant Marti C.E.
5Pujal Moncho JoaquimESP2061S60Sant Marti C.E.
6Gomez Parla JosepESP2011S60Sant Marti C.E.
7Riera Danes ManelESP1996Sant Marti C.E.
8Martin Sanchez AntoniESP1922S60Sant Marti C.E.
9Fuentes Barrientos CarlosESP1913Sant Marti C.E.
10Pascual Gonzalez-Novelles DavidESP1869Sant Marti C.E.
11Hinarejos Montano AndresESP1854S60Sant Marti C.E.
12Demestres Lopez RicardESP1843S60Sant Marti C.E.
13Torralba Pérez AntonioESP1836Diagonal Mar Club Escacs
14Campanera Monserrat ToniESP1745Sant Marti C.E.
15Trabado Nieto DavidESP1722U16Sant Marti C.E.
16Ramírez Llop OriolESP1689Sant Martí C.E.
17Tordera Jumilla JoaquimESP1613S60Sant Marti C.E.
18Faubell Lopez JosepESP0No federado
19Pascual Galindo ErikESP0No federado