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Dani Kube Banovci Dunav - decaci

Last update 09.05.2015 14:57:26, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank

1Grcic Vukasin0958735SRB191919190
2Stankovic Milos M0955817SRB169216920
3Vukovic Ilija0966827SRB158815880
4Kostic Ignjat0SRB000
5Mestrovic Ivan0SRB000
6Pajovic Djurovic Lazar0SRB000
7Pek Boris0SRB000
8Petrovic Vladimir0SRB000
9Simonovic Milos0SRB000
10Stanisic Boris0SRB000
11Stojanovic Mateja0SRB000
12Trajkovic Ilija0SRB000
13Visnjic Ilija0SRB000