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Aurora Casual Rapid, 27th April 2015

Last update 28.04.2015 04:07:34, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Zeromskis Egidijus2609738CAN2200ON
2Macleod David2621142CAN2147ON
3Noritsyn Sergey2616408CAN2036ON
4Stein MickeyCAN1746ON
5Prost Bernie2616777CAN1551ON
6Kang Dorian2619156CAN1487ON
7Barbarich ZdravkoCAN1453ON
8Chen AaronCAN1430ON
9Hall WilliamCAN1424ON
10Chen MikeCAN1400
11Knight Graeme2620774CAN1394ON
12Love DaveCAN1394ON
13Zhu RichardCAN1300
14McGowan SteveCAN1269
15Cheng StevenCAN1200
16Hua AndrewCAN1200
17Le RyanCAN1200
18X MaxCAN1200
19Zheng AndyCAN1200
20Zheng SihanCAN1200
21Wu EdwardCAN1138
22Wang DavidCAN1014ON
23Khakimov KarimCAN1000
24Wright EricCAN997ON
25Nikifork RobertCAN984ON
26Ning EricCAN921ON
27Suthaharan AnojanCAN892ON
28Noritsyn IvanCAN799ON
29Chen HenryCAN774ON
30Zhangi Henry XianruCAN671ON
31Chen JasperCAN534ON
32Suthaharan ArushanCAN532ON
33Zhao AlexCAN488ON
34Ngan JustinCAN400
35Zhang RaymondCAN400