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GIẢI VÔ ĐỊCH CỜ VUA HẠNG NHẤT TOÀN QUỐC NĂM 2015 - BẢNG NAM Vietnam Chess Championship 2015 - Men

Last update 25.04.2015 07:45:08, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1GMNguyen Duc HoaCTH2498
2GMDao Thien HaiHCM2479Wien
3GMCao SangLDO2454
4IMTran Tuan MinhHNO2443
5IMNguyen Van HuyHNO2436
6GMTu Hoang ThongHCM2392Wien
7Vo Thanh NinhKGI2370
8FMHoang Canh HuanDAN2345
9IMDuong The AnhQDO2333
10IMTo Nhat MinhQDO2328
11FMPham ChuongHCM2326Wien
12Tran Quoc DungHCM2297
13CMTran Thanh TuCTH2283
14IMBao KhoaLDO2269
15CMNguyen Hoang NamQDO2263
16IMTu Hoang ThaiHCM2241
17FMDang Hoang SonHCM2194Wien
18CMNguyen Van ThanhDAN2180
19Pham Xuan DatHNO2173
20CMTran Minh ThangHNO2152
21Doan Van DucQDO2118
22Nguyen Phuoc TamCTH2105
23FMNguyen Ha PhuongBGI2047
24Duong Thuong CongQDO2043
25Nguyen Tan ThinhBTR2031
26CMVu Quang QuyenHCM1980
27CMNguyen Huynh Minh ThienHNO1673
28CMNguyen Quoc HyHCM1591
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