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National Youth Chess Championship 2015 Under 08 Boys

Last update 19.04.2015 16:57:23, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Palangoda U.P.G.M.S.1099SRI144w1136b1176w1 57b1 24w1 12b1 3w1 4w1 21b1 2w½9,50,062,557,5
2Samarasinghe Senith Insara0SRI294w1285b1 21w1 31b1 5w1 3b0 30b1 6w1 16w1 1b½8,50,066,061,5
3Sathmina S L Lalindu1111SRI138b1250w1 15b1 7w1 58b1 2w1 1b0 23w1 22b1 4w½8,50,066,061,0
4Karunaratne Rahel Chaanakya1145SRI273w1 67b1134w1 48b1 25w1 10b1 22w1 1b0 9w1 3b½8,50,065,560,5
5Kotuwella Sashmitha N Banda1071SRI177b1190w1 64b1 32w1 2b0 29b1 65w1 7w1 13b½ 14w18,50,061,557,0
6Ranasinghe R A S C1006SRI309w+ 42b1188w1 9b0134w1 24b1 14w1 2b0 23w1 13w18,00,063,058,0
7Perera H Risara Chenitha0SRI289w1147b1126w1 3b0 71w1 60b1 12w1 5b0 27w1 34b18,00,060,555,5
8Weerawansha W C D0SRI 63b1103w1 68b1 24b0 74w1 13w0178b1 33w1 57b1 22w18,00,057,051,5
9Priyalal K D0SRI155b1142w1124b1 6w1 47b0122w1121b1 56w1 4b0 36w18,00,056,051,0
10Sooriyanayake S M I S0SRI274b1206w1130b1122w1 28b1 4w0 56b0 78b1 59w1 30w18,00,055,050,5
11Thennakoon L M0SRI181b1 33w1 47b0 94w1 62b0 63w1139b1 58w1 56b1 21w18,00,053,048,5
12Wijesinghe W A A M0SRI102b1179w1 62b1 70w1 56b1 1w0 7b0 49w1 32b1 18w½7,50,061,556,0
13Mapitigamaarachchi S M0SRI 49w½293b1226w1 16b1 26w½ 8b1123w1 27b1 5w½ 6b07,50,060,556,0
14Rupasinghe M H G0SRI304b+197w1 70b½129w1105b1 47w1 6b0 51w1 15w1 5b07,50,057,052,5
15Liyanage M P Pasidu0SRI325b+288b1 3w0182b1 49w1 17b½110w1 47w1 14b0 50w17,50,057,052,5
16Hewawasam Thisaga Manvidu0SRI318b+ 29w½128b1 13w0174b1226w1105b1 50w1 2b0 35w17,50,055,551,0
17Senevirathne Lithika Methsilu0SRI222b1 41w1265b1 28w0 63b1 15w½ 51b0104w1 60b1 66w17,50,055,051,0
18Ramuth Ravishan0SRI293w½ 49b½153w0247b1 84w1152b1 88w1 43b1 31w1 12b½7,50,054,049,5
19Walatara Shanel0SRI308w+253b1 58w0144b1 88w0134b1 86w1141b1 24b½ 51w17,50,050,045,5
20Hettiarachchi D W K0SRI140b1133w1148b1 35w0125b½116w1 50b0173w1106b1 48w17,50,049,545,0
21Dineth S A Induwara0SRI192b1 79w1 2b0 38w1 64b1 73w1 37b1 34w1 1w0 11b07,00,064,058,5
22Ekanayake E M H Chiranga0SRI198b1 23w1 90b1 73w1 35b1 34w1 4b0 26w1 3w0 8b07,00,064,058,0
23Rajapaksha R.A.K.K.0SRI 43w1 22b0247w1 41w1 40b1 31b1 44w1 3b0 6b0 78w17,00,063,057,0
24Pallewela Sakindu Hirunaka0SRI112b1258w1129b1 8w1 1b0 6w0175b1 60b1 19w½ 26w½7,00,059,555,0
25Jayasuriya Nethul Trevor0SRI125b1249w1121b1 27w1 4b0 35w1 34b0 69w1 26b½ 29b½7,00,058,553,5
26Thisera I.G.T.G.0SRI268b1276w1 51b1 47w½ 13b½188w+ 59w1 22b0 25w½ 24b½7,00,058,053,5
27Weerasooriya Navinu0SRI248w1 86b1 74w1 25b0 68w1 78b1 57w1 13w0 7b0 80b17,00,057,552,0
28Dinsara S H Sanuth0SRI149w1243b1 52w1 17b1 10w0 57b0109w1 65b1 34w0 85b17,00,056,551,5
29Sathsilu W R A Kisala0SRI214w1 16b½107w1 53b1104b1 5w0 47b0132w1103b1 25w½7,00,056,551,5
30Bhavanan J0SRI281w1239b1 57w0136b1 48w1 52b1 2w0 76b1 39w1 10b07,00,055,552,5
31Arachchi H G N0SRI311b+169w1137b1 2w0194b1 23w0 81b1 38w1 18b0 63w17,00,055,551,0
32Peries A Nethmina Dewshan0SRI224b1175w1 61b1 5b0 59w0124w1122b1 44b1 12w0 56w17,00,055,551,0
33Jayawardana M Sandaken N0SRI199w1 11b0 96w1 39b1123w0191b1189w1 8b0 95w1 65b17,00,055,550,5
34Suraweera P M Gimhan0SRI236w1286b1241w1 59b1 60w1 22b0 25w1 21b0 28b1 7w07,00,055,051,5
35Thudugala T A D Kushen0SRI307b+ 80b1245w1 20b1 22w0 25b0200w1145b1 45w1 16b07,00,055,051,0
36Tennakoon Disara0SRI168b1 47w0181b½261w1107w1104b1 45w½ 46b1 40w1 9b07,00,054,550,0
37Sandika K Hiruka0SRI266w1 46b1 59w0153b1245w1 43b1 21w0 40b0 72w1 74b17,00,054,050,5
38Noor Thuwan Rehan0SRI300b+ 66b1 60w0 21b0231w1 71b1126w1 31b0 84w1 59b17,00,053,048,5
39Sathmitha Yapa Y A Mayantha0SRI212b1 40w1 56b0 33w0204b1130w1 87b1135w1 30b0 58w17,00,053,048,0
40Ellauda Lesandu0SRI201w1 39b0246w1149b1 23w0243b+137b1 37w1 36b0 57w17,00,052,548,5
41Gamage Sumeth Sathnindu P0SRI115w1 17b0193w1 23b0246w1 91b1 76w0157b1 64w1 83b17,00,052,548,5
42Navodya W A Thathsara0SRI298w+ 6w0244b1142w1 82b1 44w0108b½ 61w½135b1 71b17,00,052,548,0
43Dissanayake D M S L0SRI 23b0198w1143b1242w1137b1 37w0127b1 18w0133b1 67w17,00,052,548,0
44Balasooriya L.B.T.T.0SRI188w0273b1229w1103b1190w1 42b1 23b0 32w0 81b1 68w17,00,052,048,0
45Lewdeni L P T C0SRI228b1105w½227b1104w0 70b1106w1 36b½121w1 35b0 61w17,00,051,547,0
46Hapuarachchi H A L H0SRI131b1 37w0207b1133w1 69b0156w1 79b1 36w0 75b1 73w17,00,051,547,0
47Gunathilake M D Vinuda S0SRI202w1 36b1 11w1 26b½ 9w1 14b0 29w1 15b0 48w0113b16,50,062,557,0
48Panthaka W J N Malindu0SRI163b1159w1 82b1 4w0 30b0112w1 61b½108w1 47b1 20b06,50,057,052,5
49Abeysinghe Ayantha Imeera0SRI 13b½ 18w½138b1150w1 15b0 67w1173b½ 12b0174w1103w16,50,055,551,0
50Senevirathne S D B K0SRI204w1107b½ 53w0 72b1146w1178b1 20w1 16b0 77w1 15b06,50,054,550,0
51Kodituwakku D N0SRI114w1252b1 26w0191b1110w½125b1 17w1 14b0113w1 19b06,50,054,549,5
52Prabhashwara Maleen0SRI302b+ 55w1 28b0111w1124b1 30w0135b0 97w1 89b½104w16,50,052,547,5
53Jayawardana E A Januth0SRI 75b½ 54w1 50b1 29w0226b0128w1116b1106w0180b1108w16,50,051,547,0
54Wickramasinghe W M Menula Di0SRI 77w½ 53b0 72w0217b1250b1154w0265b1177w1132b1111w16,50,046,542,5
55Dayasundara Bihandu Hansana0SRI314w+ 52b0109w0162b1 83w0170b½232w1128w1173b1106w16,50,046,542,0
56Fonseka H F Nimnaal Sathsilu0SRI 91w1123b1 39w1110b1 12w0 76b1 10w1 9b0 11w0 32b06,00,062,557,0
57Perera W. M. C. W.0SRI301w+244w1 30b1 1w0112b1 28w1 27b0 66b1 8w0 40b06,00,061,056,5
58Indeepa W M Bosilu0SRI319b+230w1 19b1189b1 3w0 65b0100w1 11b0 76w1 39b06,00,058,053,5
59Ellalagoda E M U N0SRI120b1158w1 37b1 34w0 32b1 69w1 26b0123w1 10b0 38w06,00,057,552,5
60Abeysinghe G A S D0SRI187b1221w1 38b1127w1 34b0 7w0 62b1 24w0 17w0105b16,00,056,552,0
61Dassanayake D M N D0SRI109w1 83b1 32w0188b0208w1149b1 48w½ 42b½141w1 45b06,00,054,550,0
62Liyanage L W Ly R0SRI164w1 96b1 12w0113b1 11w1123b0 60w0117b0189w+129w16,00,054,549,5
63Kesara M Kavin0SRI 8w0167b1228w1202b1 17w0 11b0199w1189b1 96w1 31b06,00,054,050,0
64Nihinsa Sanuth M W0SRI 98w1251b1 5w0151b1 21w0195b1 66w0175w1 41b0126b16,00,054,049,5
65Rathnayake R.M.B.R.0SRI135b1111w1122b0213w1160b1 58w1 5b0 28w0139b1 33w06,00,053,048,5
66Aluviharage Thinal Sanuka Ne0SRI 81b1 38w0103b0102b1114w1194w1 64b1 57w0145b1 17b06,00,053,048,0
67Mintharu Sanuka0SRI295b1 4w0291b1 82w0244b1 49b0147w1 92w1 70b1 43b06,00,052,549,0
68Kulathunga A P D A0SRI323w+211b1 8w0249w1 27b0 90w1 69b0125w1112b1 44b06,00,052,548,5
69Thinura J L P P0SRI306b+ 74b0253w1152b1 46w1 59b0 68w1 25b0 80w0130w16,00,052,047,5
70Ekanayake D.S.0SRI216w1193b1 14w½ 12b0 45w0119b1125w½109b1 67w0133b16,00,051,547,5
71Ediriweera Kavinu0SRI277b1166w1 73b0 79w1 7b0 38w0192b1127w1143b1 42w06,00,051,047,0
72Fernando G W Dinodh0SRI128b½ 75w0 54b1 50w0215b1174w1154b½ 79w1 37b0165w16,00,051,046,5
73Ranthul A M Sasvindu0SRI234w1247b1 71w1 22b0241w1 21b0145w0 88b1126w1 46b06,00,050,547,0
74Jayasinghe J.D.D.M.0SRI267b1 69w1 27b0140w1 8b0127w0230b1198w1121b1 37w06,00,050,547,0
75Vishvajith Ganewatta Kusala0SRI 53w½ 72b1146w0 77b0186w1 80b½161w1200b1 46w0141b16,00,050,546,0
76Rajapakshe T Supun Hasaranga0SRI111b0222w1210b1265w1 87b1 56w0 41b1 30w0 58b0124w16,00,050,046,0
77Kularathne S S0SRI 54b½128w0120b1 75w1106b0227w1226b1105w1 50b0 93w½6,00,050,045,5
78Ganepola Lesandu Disara0SRI215b0267w1166b1158w1127b1 27w0143b1 10w0123b1 23b06,00,049,545,5
79Priyakalpa Mayura0SRI203w1 21b0287w1 71b0151w1248b1 46w0 72b0195w+155w16,00,049,545,5
80Kalinga Manumitha Lejitha0SRI196b1 35w0131b0211w1140b½ 75w½148b1 90w1 69b1 27w06,00,049,545,5
81Munasinghe M A S M0SRI 66w0279b1275w1126b0209w1184b1 31w0 99b1 44w0167b16,00,049,045,0
82Bandara Kavidith0SRI170w1208b1 48w0 67b1 42w0109b0 85w0179b1205w1137b16,00,048,544,5
83Premathilake G G S Nimsara0SRI256b1 61w0142b0224w1 55b1175w0124b1 87w1130b1 41w06,00,048,544,5
84Dharmasena W M S S B0SRI242b0101w1174b0221w1 18b0277w1156b1176w1 38b0127w16,00,048,544,5
85Mihiranga B.K.M.0SRI129b0112w0 92b1237w1108b0244w1 82b1172w1122b1 28w06,00,047,544,0
86Lakshana Yomesh0SRI171b1 27w0180b1125w0228b1131w1 19b0196w1111b½ 89w½6,00,047,543,5
87Gamachchige Rehan0SRI193w0290b1 91w1243b1 76w0115b1 39w0 83b0158w1131b16,00,047,543,5
88Isira H G Buthsara0SRI249b0270w1215b1131w1 19b1121w0 18b0 73w0207b1148w16,00,047,044,5
89Gunarathne N G S R0SRI123w0157b1115w0246b0216w1202b1 91w1100b1 52w½ 86b½6,00,047,043,0
90Samarasinghe S Keshana0SRI 97w1153b1 22w0241b0225w1 68b0245w1 80b0161w1122w16,00,046,543,0
91Samarasinghe P.M.N.M.P.0SRI 56b0168w1 87b0197w1265b1 41w0 89b0241w1212b+151b16,00,046,543,0
92Aluviharage Dinal Sethika He0SRI229w0188b0 85w0187b1260w1182b1136w1 67b0114w1144b16,00,046,543,0
93Dewmina U G Vishwadinu0SRI127b0156w1221b1174w½189w1110b0132w0115b1140w1 77b½6,00,046,542,0
94Kulasuriya A Praveen Bhagya0SRI322w+232b1189w0 11b0113w0231b1 95w0199b1191w+125w16,00,046,042,0
95Walpola W K N P0SRI161w0204b1132w0139b0168w1268b+ 94b1118w1 33b0145w16,00,046,041,5
96Weerasinghe P W A P I0SRI292b1 62w0 33b0276w1248b0213w1138b1154w1 63b0139w16,00,045,042,0
97Gairika U K D Himash0SRI 90b0131w0240b1166w1133b0165w1243b+ 52b0157w1123b16,00,045,040,5
98Bandara Lochana D N0SRI 64b0264w1250b½121w0128b0215w1183w1116b½190w1143b16,00,043,040,5
99Abeysinghe W A M K R0SRI103b0271w1150b0227w1173b0219b1205w1 81w0194b1138w16,00,042,538,5
100Senadeera M K D0SRI265b0130w0223b1280w1274b1160w1 58b0 89w0197b1135w16,00,042,038,5
101Pieris P G S0SRI151w0 84b0263w1285b1184w0203b1195w0254b1159w1147b16,00,041,538,0
102Kumarasena N N0SRI 12w0278b0217b1 66w0255b0269w1258b1220w1196b1121w+6,00,039,036,5
103Masakorala Lithum Chithruka0SRI 99w1 8b0 66w1 44w0129b1113b½107w1110b1 29w0 49b05,50,056,551,5
104Hewage Senethu Liyana0SRI226w½106b1113w1 45b1 29w0 36w0177b1 17b0110w1 52b05,50,055,050,5
105Wickramage L D Induwara Thar0SRI145w1 45b½251w1146b1 14w0132b1 16w0 77b0107w1 60w05,50,053,048,0
106Vithanage V K0SRI185b½104w0294w+284b1 77w1 45b0146w1 53b1 20w0 55b05,50,052,048,0
107Jayadewa Chathmin0SRI320b+ 50w½ 29b0128w1 36b0140w1103b0226w1105b0164w15,50,051,046,5
108Nanayakkara A Sonal Anjana0SRI176w0200b1205w1134b0 85w1136b1 42w½ 48b0117w1 53b05,50,050,546,5
109Pelige Tharin Hansana0SRI 61b0272w1 55b1124w0142b1 82w1 28b0 70w0210b1112w½5,50,050,546,5
110Tharumuthu B A Pasan0SRI130b1213w1206b1 56w0 51b½ 93w1 15b0103w0104b0173w15,50,050,046,0
111Dissanayake E R G Imesh0SRI 76w1 65b0233w1 52b0157w0201b1149w1137b1 86w½ 54b05,50,049,545,5
112Chanura H M0SRI 24w0 85b1208w1176b1 57w0 48b0169w1190b1 68w0109b½5,50,049,045,0
113Wijesundara W M D B0SRI132b1173w1104b0 62w0 94b1103w½185b1129w1 51b0 47w05,50,049,044,5
114Wickramaratna R S N0SRI 51b0118w1276b1132w½ 66b0146b0119w1185w1 92b0174w15,50,048,043,5
115Wijesekara N D S H0SRI 41b0262w1 89b1160w0206b1 87w0181b½ 93w0185b1177w15,50,047,543,5
116Napawala D M M D0SRI237b1129w0159b1163w1178w½ 20b0 53w0 98w½175b½182b15,50,047,543,0
117Nanayakkara T K0SRI -0 -0271b1259w1235b1173w0150b1 62w1108b0118w½5,50,043,540,5
118Karunasena A D0SRI189w0114b0220w1183b0251w1209b1252w1 95b0193w1117b½5,50,042,039,0
119Niruthikan S.0SRI159b0210w0259b½120w1261b1 70w0114b0186b1227w+180w15,50,041,038,0
120Rathnayake R.M.P.N.0SRI 59w0294b½ 77w0119b0259b1291w+159w0236b1223b1175w15,50,041,037,5
121Wijesinghe N.R.N.0SRI200w1205b1 25w0 98b1141w1 88b1 9w0 45b0 74w0102b-5,00,054,550,5
122Edirisinghe Chanul0SRI218w1246b1 65w1 10b0192w1 9b0 32w0162b1 85w0 90b05,00,054,050,0
123Senanayake S.S.R.L.0SRI 89b1 56w0197b1185w1 33b1 62w1 13b0 59b0 78w0 97w05,00,054,049,5
124Dissanayake D M D D0SRI157w1233b1 9w0109b1 52w0 32b0 83w0243b1162w1 76b05,00,053,548,5
125Vikasitha T M Tharul0SRI 25w0214b1145w1 86b1 20w½ 51w0 70b½ 68b0152w1 94b05,00,053,548,5
126Bandara H.M.D.G.0SRI284b1143w1 7b0 81w1188b0190w1 38b0194w1 73b0 64w05,00,052,048,0
127Prabashana J A Hasiru Nirmal0SRI 93w1254b1151w1 60b0 78w0 74b1 43w0 71b0203w1 84b05,00,052,048,0
128Rodrigo A A Akash Ravindu G0SRI 72w½ 77b1 16w0107b0 98w1 53b0236w1 55b0181b1132w½5,00,052,047,5
129Akalanka K D K0SRI 85w1116b1 24w0 14b0103w0253b1179w1113b0134w1 62b05,00,051,047,0
130Herath H M S T0SRI110w0100b1 10w0199b1202w1 39b0246w1191b1 83w0 69b05,00,051,047,0
131Tennakoon T M M L B0SRI 46w0 97b1 80w1 88b0161w1 86b0248w+139w0154b1 87w05,00,051,046,5
132Kusum Kumara M.P.C.0SRI113w0237w1 95b1114b½232w1105w0 93b1 29b0 54w0128b½5,00,050,046,5
133Sasmitha D.Nadula0SRI305b+ 20b0286w1 46b0 97w1200b0241w1152b1 43w0 70w05,00,050,046,5
134Manamperi Tharuka M0SRI217b1180w1 4b0108w1 6b0 19w0172b0237w1129b0196w15,00,050,046,0
135Ekanayake E M Sahiru0SRI 65w0162b1216w1192b0201w1157b1 52w1 39b0 42w0100b05,00,049,545,5
136Munasinghe M A V N0SRI255b1 1w0258b1 30w0163b1108w0 92b0147b0209w1217w15,00,049,545,5
137Nugegoda Asith Geetanjana0SRI279w1178b1 31w0195b1 43w0241b1 40w0111w0142b1 82w05,00,049,046,0
138Liyanage S Y C0SRI 3w0209b1 49w0275b0278w1238b1 96w0211b1183w1 99b05,00,049,045,5
139Jayasooriya Praweera Suwahas0SRI148b0171w1230b0 95w1165b1242w+ 11w0131b1 65w0 96b05,00,049,045,0
140Thennakoon M B Y0SRI 20w0266b1161w1 74b0 80w½107b0229w1181w1 93b0170b½5,00,048,545,0
141Kumaravithana Vindiya Okith0SRI324b+189b0164w1148w1121b0230w1180b1 19w0 61b0 75w05,00,048,544,0
142Deshapriya W A U I0SRI290w1 9b0 83w1 42b0109w0162b0240w1149b1137w0208b15,00,048,045,0
143Peiris M Suhas C0SRI184w1126b0 43w0287b1147w1245b1 78w0195b1 71w0 98w05,00,048,044,5
144Liyanage T. T.0SRI 1b0259w1186b1 19w0180b0255w1196b0171w1172b1 92w05,00,047,543,5
145Kodithuwakku Damru Mindina0SRI105b0295w1125b0186w1249b1192w1 73b1 35w0 66w0 95b05,00,047,043,0
146Kaushalya N C Mathesha0SRI270b1227w½ 75b1105w0 50b0114w1106b0164w½165b0201w15,00,047,043,0
147Bogammana G M P Ravinu0SRI174b1 7w0194b0179w1143b0235w1 67b0136w1176b1101w05,00,047,043,0
148Viduruwan L P Damrisi0SRI139w1161b1 20w0141b0152w0225b1 80w0219b1200w1 88b05,00,046,542,5
149Pulsara K A Nethma0SRI 28b0212w1256b1 40w0155b1 61w0111b0142w0244b1197w15,00,046,043,5
150Maheesha Dineth0SRI186b0269w1 99w1 49b0183w1189b0117w0209b1167w0220b15,00,046,043,0

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)