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IRT Doble Ascenos Primera y Segunda - Abril 2015 - Torre Blanca

Last update 28.04.2015 05:00:40, Creator/Last Upload: ai leandro

Starting rank

1Godoy Olazabal Artur172960ARG2166
2Romanelli Gabriel106712ARG2108
3Galarce Ruben112690ARG2057
4Gras Carlos108219ARG1980
5Dratler Leonardo147923ARG1920
6Gomez Daniel112569ARG1902
7Goldental Carlos148679ARG1853
8Cibraro Carlos Alberto145157ARG1815
9Coro Richard147230ARG1602
10Biesa Joaquin140627ARG0
11Cerutti CarlosARG0
12Del Papa Daniel151947ARG0