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IRT Doble Ascenos Tercera y Cuarta - Abril 2015 - Torre Blanca

Last update 28.04.2015 05:01:45, Creator/Last Upload: ai leandro

Starting rank

1Gil Garrote Marcelo150908ARG1777
2Bank Juana142590ARG1674
3Moro Saidon Gonzalo140082ARG1647
4Oliva Pablo110825ARG1545
5Rueda Nessi Francisco138070ARG1493
6Arias GuillermoARG0
7Bank Valeria142603ARG0
8Cravera Santiago141127ARG0
9Filpi Roberto151963ARG0
10Pretel Raul134686ARG0
11Runstein Eduardo141259ARG0
12Solarte MateoARG0
13Tiraboschi Tomas137677ARG0
14Vazquez CamiloARG0