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Campeonatos Nacionais Absolutos e Femininos de Sub-08 partidas Semi-Rápidas

Last update 16.11.2008 19:38:19, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Player info

NameBaptista Diogo
Starting rank2
Rating national1050
Rating international0
Performance rating1050
Club/CityAx Bombarral


129Martins Cristina1050Ca Mirandela4,0s 0
2511Norte João1050Academia Xadrez Benedita1,5w 1
347Fernandes João1050Aac4,0s 0
451Antunes João1050Gx Alekhine3,5w ½
553Carapinha Mariana1050C.r.d. Cavaquinhas2,5s 1
645Costa Inês1050Academia Xadrez Benedita3,5w ½
7614Seixas Diogo Pereira1050Moto Club Do Porto-Alpi P1,5s ½
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