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Campeonatos Nacionais Absolutos e Femininos de Sub-10 partidas Semi-Rápidas

Last update 16.11.2008 19:38:35, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Player info

NameRodrigues Tomás
Starting rank44
Rating national1100
Rating international0
Performance rating1232
Club/CityS.o. Marinhense


12020Ferreira Tiago1100C.r.d. Cavaquinhas4,0w 1
278Cabaça André1144Juventude Lavradio5,5s 0
31527Jorge Rita Maria1100Aefcr Penichense5,0w ½
41214Canotilho José Maria1100Escola 31 De Janeiro3,0s 1
5934Mendonça João José1100Escola 31 De Janeiro3,5s 1
6613Baptista Rui1100Aefcr Penichense4,0w 1
745Pinto Sónia1267Ca Mirandela5,0s 0
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