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2015 Cameroon Chess Championships - Grand Prix - Day1

Last update 06.04.2015 22:28:39, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1FMEbosse Kingue Victor Patrick16400291CMR1999
2IMAmba Oyon Marius Claude16400240CMR1933
3CMMakem Pierre11000805CMR1920
4Ebongue Emile16400550CMR1885
5Grillmaier Philippe216810BEL1838
6Ikouti Elie16400364CMR1653
7Mbusnoum Henri Celestin15800067CMR1653
8Djatche Nzade Bertin Michel16400577CMR0
9Fomena Stevin Kammalac16400321CMR0
10Fouda Paul Aristide16400801CMR0
11Gnounewou Seraphin Fopa16400356CMR0
12Mbaale Paul Gerard16400780CMR0
13Minali Benoit Eric15800075CMR0
14Nzouwo Fomazou Bernis16400437CMR0
15Penda Sone Guy Philippe16400500CMR0
16Yon Yon Joseph16400798CMR0
17Youbi Fankem Narcisse16400488CMR0