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IRT Zonal Sub12 Absoluto Zona Integrada Antioquia 2015

Last update 30.03.2015 23:13:15, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1Gomez Rondon Samuel4450620ANT1598
2Ospina Santiago4443160ANT1563Club Ajedrez Los Titanes
3Duque Vasquez David4451872ANT1517
4Toro Miguel Angel4450612ANT1514Medellin Chess Club
5Arbelaez Velasquez Jeronimo4430476ANT1488Club Ajedrez Los Titanes
6Duque Victor Manuel4451805ANT1466
7Cardona Lopez Samuel4451864ANT1449
8Florez Santiago4450965ANT1440Medellin Chess Club
9Cabrera Novoa Emanuel4456165ANT1430
10Orrego David4441117CAL1318Seminario Redentorista
11Rojas Ruiz Andres Esteban4452402CAL1190
12Arroyave Uribe Santiago4459237ANT0
13Gonzalez Manuel Jose4459776ANT0Medellin Chess Club
14Hoyos Taborda Miguel Angel4459784ANT0
15Lopez Herrera Tomas4459792ANT0
16Quintero Parra Juan Felipe4451813COL0