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1st World Mind Sport Games - Final Women Team Rapid

Last update 17.10.2008 13:47:23, Creator: vietnamchess,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team-Composition with round-results

  1. China (RtgAvg:2517, TB1: 999 / TB2: 0)
1WGMHou Yifan2578CHN11114,0423092986
2GMZhao Xue2518CHN11½13,5423582694
3GMXu Yuhua2477CHN½0,5123490
4WGMHuang Qian2430CHN½11½3,0422762469
5WGMRuan Lufei2496CHN½½½1,5322012201
  2. Ukraine (RtgAvg:2372, TB1: 998 / TB2: 0)
1IMVasilevich Tatjana2368UKR½0000,5425522230
2WGMZdebskaja Natalia2419UKR10½01,5424962409
3WIMDolzhikova Kateryna2351UKR00,0124300
4WIMHryhorenko Nataliya2349UKR½1½½2,5424342529
5WGMArutyunova Diana2274UKR½1½2,0323792504
  3. Russia (RtgAvg:2434, TB1: 997 / TB2: 0)
1GMKosteniuk Alexandra2525RUS½10½2,0423092309
2WGMPogonina Natalija2474RUS011½2,5423622457
3WFMGunina Valentina2381RUS½0112,5423202415
4IMVasilevich Irina2354RUS½0½12,0422302230
  4. Vietnam (RtgAvg:2258, TB1: 996 / TB2: 0)
1WGMHoang Thi Bao Tram2250VIE001½1,5425522465
2WFMPham Le Thao Nguyen2304VIE00½0,5324892216
3WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim2291VIE½0000,5424282106
4WFMDang Bich Ngoc2186VIE0½00,5323792106
5WFMHoang Thi Nhu Y2127VIE½½1,0224960