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5. umfar kl. 14.00

FM 2015 Veteranb├│lkur

Last update 04.04.2015 17:11:20, Creator/Last Upload: olavur simonsen

Starting rank

1Apol Luitjen7200102FAI20561879
2Joensen Helgi7200676FAI17711476
3Larsen Finn W.7201559FAI15911351
4Naes Jogvan7200579FAI18361685
5Ortind Joanes7202458FAI01461
6Nielsen Allan7202407FAI01333
7Mortensen Herluf7200951FAI17961491
8Ziska Andrias7200587FAI19191904
9Joensen Sigurd7200935FAI01319
10Nielsen Torkil7200242FAI21280