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Amber Aktiv und Blindturnier

Senast uppdaterad07.04.2004 13:49:43, Creator/Last Upload:

Lista över spelare

9GMKramnik Wladimir4101588RUS2777
3GMAnand Viswanathan5000017IND2766
4GMSvidler Peter4102142RUS2747
12GMShirov Alexei2209390ESP2736
5GMTopalov Veselin2900084BUL2735
8GMMorozevich Alexander4116992RUS2732
7GMLeko Peter703303HUN2722
11GMIvanchuk Vassily14100010UKR2716
6GMBareev Evgeny4100140RUS2714
10GMGelfand Boris2805677ISR2709
1GMVallejo Pons Francisco2205530ESP2663
2GMVan Wely Loek1000268NED2617