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Raseborgs 5. skolschacksturnering - Raaseporin 5. koulushakkiturnaus 25.03.2015

Senast uppdaterad25.03.2015 12:30:14, Creator/Last Upload: Ekenäs Schackklubb rf

Korstabell efter 7 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPoäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Strebelle Samuel 7-91599FIN 57b1 22w1 18b1 8w1 2b1 3w1 4b17,032,524,032,50
2Lahti Tom 7-91597FIN 5b1 31w1 20b1 30w1 1w0 19b1 8b16,032,021,525,00
3Haverinen Mikael 7-91595FIN 65b1 33w1 25b1 4w1 21w1 1b0 6w16,029,021,522,00
4Nyberg Tomas 7-91598FIN 46w1 11b1 37w1 3b0 14w1 7b1 1w05,033,523,520,50
5Syrén Aapeli 1-61384FIN 2w0 54b1 9w1 11b1 16w1 6b0 18w15,031,523,520,50
6Fagerholm Ted 7-91593FIN 56b1 27w1 7b0 24w1 20b1 5w1 3b05,030,522,019,50
7Konttinen Sara 1-61367FIN 29w1 16b1 6w1 14b0 43b1 4w0 26b15,030,022,020,50
8Spitz Theodor 7-91594FIN 63w1 23b1 48w1 1b0 37w1 10b1 2w05,029,020,516,00
9Törnqvist Marco 7-91591FIN 34b1 25w0 5b0 49w1 15b1 22w1 12b15,028,521,019,50
10Tolonen Jasper 1-61356FIN 60b1 18w0 27b1 31w1 30b1 8w0 23w15,026,019,017,00
11Forsskåhl Alexander 1-61398FIN 49b1 4w0 32b1 5w0 38b1 42w1 19b15,025,518,015,50
12Sevon Nico 7-91592FIN 48w0 50b1 46w1 35b1 23w1 14b1 9w05,025,017,517,50
13Kopra Max 7-91590FIN 50w1 20b0 39w0 55b1 48w1 15w1 24b15,023,016,016,00
14Bäckman Axel 7-91580FIN 38b1 40w1 21b½ 7w1 4b0 12w0 32b14,528,020,516,00
15Artzén Alex 7-91581FIN 51w½ 59b1 17w1 21b1 9w0 13b0 35w14,526,519,515,25
16Shaw Fredrik 7-91586FIN 62b1 7w0 38b½ 40w1 5b0 34w1 36b14,523,517,512,00
17Bäcksbacka Milton 7-91596FIN 47w1 37b0 15b0 54w1 34b½ 31w1 30b14,523,016,513,75
18Saarinen Elias 1-61399FIN 54w1 10b1 1w0 39b1 19w0 20w1 5b04,030,021,014,00
19Gustafsson Noel 1-61358FIN 24b1 30w0 33b1 22w1 18b1 2w0 11w04,030,020,515,50
20Tamminen Valtteri 1-61388FIN 58b1 13w1 2w0 26b1 6w0 18b0 39w14,029,021,014,00
21Oikarinen Jesse 1-61357FIN 35w1 44b1 14w½ 15w0 3b0 29b½ 37w14,028,519,513,75
22Räsänen Joona 1-61397FIN 52w1 1b0 53w1 19b0 39w1 9b0 41b14,027,017,511,00
23Kari Matias 1-61392FIN 32b1 8w0 58b1 41w1 12b0 43w1 10b04,026,519,511,50
24Pukkila Juho 1-61391FIN 19w0 55b1 28w1 6b0 58w1 44b1 13w04,025,518,511,50
25Dahlberg Emma-Liina 1-61376FIN 59w1 9b1 3w0 37b0 26w0 58b1 43b14,025,017,012,00
26Holmström Alec 7-91588FIN 55w1 48b0 51w1 20w0 25b1 37b1 7w04,023,516,012,00
27Lammi Maarit 1-61387FIN 42w1 6b0 10w0 52b0 53w1 45b1 40b14,023,015,510,50
28Pernell Alec 1-61360FIN 33b0 34w1 24b0 56w0 62b1 48b1 44w14,020,015,010,00
29Otsla Siim 7-91578FIN 7b0 62w½ 36b0 64w1 51b1 21w½ 38b14,020,014,09,00
30Otsla Ott 7-91579FIN 45w1 19b1 41w1 2b0 10w0 35b½ 17w03,529,020,011,75
31Kivelä Axel 1-61395FIN 53w1 2b0 52w1 10b0 32w½ 17b0 42b13,526,518,09,25
32Smedslund Marcus 1-61359FIN 23w0 47b1 11w0 60b1 31b½ 33w1 14w03,525,518,510,25
33Ramstedt Aada 1-61393FIN 28w1 3b0 19w0 45b1 52w½ 32b0 50w13,525,517,010,75
34Fiskars Tobias 1-61378FIN 9w0 28b0 59w1 53b1 17w½ 16b0 52w13,525,018,09,25
35Tammilehto Onni 1-61390FIN 21b0 49w1 42b1 12w0 40b1 30w½ 15b03,524,517,09,25
36Blomqvist Teo 1-61394FIN 41b0 38w0 29w1 51b½ 63w1 52b1 16w03,521,015,09,25
37Närhi Simi 1-61396FIN 64b1 17w1 4b0 25w1 8b0 26w0 21b03,027,521,59,50
38Öhrnberg Leo 1-61369FIN 14w0 36b1 16w½ 44b½ 11w0 46b1 29w03,027,519,510,25
39Söderblom Alvar 1-61371FIN 44w½ 51b½ 13b1 18w0 22b0 59w1 20b03,024,517,59,75
40Majasola Rasmus 1-61353FIN -1 14b0 60w1 16b0 35w0 56b1 27w03,024,017,57,00
41Westerholm Anton 1-61361FIN 36w1 43w1 30b0 23b0 44w0 47b1 22w03,024,017,09,50
42Flego Neo 1-61354FIN 27b0 -1 35w0 50b1 56w1 11b0 31w03,023,516,07,50
43Nyman Niko 7-91585FIN 61w1 41b0 45w1 48b1 7w0 23b0 25w03,023,016,57,00
44Ljungqvist Albin 7-91584FIN 39b½ 21w0 62b1 38w½ 41b1 24w0 28b03,022,017,07,00
45Konttinen Pyry 1-61368FIN 30b0 57w1 43b0 33w0 60b1 27w0 59b13,020,514,56,50
46Haapasalo Tuomas 1-61385FIN 4b0 64w1 12b0 58w0 61b1 38w0 49b13,020,014,05,00
47Peltola Onni 1-61383FIN 17b0 32w0 49b0 57w1 54b1 41w0 61b13,019,513,56,00
48Tikkanen Aarni 1-61379FIN 12b1 26w1 8b0 43w0 13b0 28w0 53b½2,528,521,010,25
49Grundström Ville 1-61365FIN 11w0 35b0 47w1 9b0 50w½ 63b1 46w02,523,517,05,75
50Flemmich Arwid 1-61377FIN 13b0 12w0 57b1 42w0 49b½ 51w1 33b02,523,516,06,25
51Surakka Rasmus 1-61370FIN 15b½ 39w½ 26b0 36w½ 29w0 50b0 63w12,523,017,07,00
52Tuovinen Elina 1-61364FIN 22b0 65w1 31b0 27w1 33b½ 36w0 34b02,522,518,06,25
53Berglund Andreas 1-61362FIN 31b0 56w1 22b0 34w0 27b0 60w1 48w½2,522,016,05,75
54Minkkinen Vilja 1-61366FIN 18b0 5w0 -1 17b0 47w0 64w1 56b½2,522,016,04,25
55Lahti Henna 1-61375FIN 26b0 24w0 65b1 13w0 59w0 57b½ 58w12,520,014,53,75
56Syrén Aatami 1-61380FIN 6w0 53b0 61w1 28b1 42b0 40w0 54w½2,520,013,56,50
57Huuskonen Susanna 1-61386FIN 1w0 45b0 50w0 47b0 64b1 55w½ 62w12,520,012,03,25
58Nyberg Alex 1-61355FIN 20w0 63b1 23w0 46b1 24b0 25w0 55b02,023,017,54,50
59Junnilainen Leevi 7-91589FIN 25b0 15w0 34b0 65w1 55b1 39b0 45w02,021,016,03,00
60Juvakka Asser 1-61389FIN 10w0 61b1 40b0 32w0 45w0 53b0 65w12,018,513,02,00
61Riikonen Iida 1-61372FIN 43b0 60w0 56b0 -1 46w0 65b1 47w02,015,512,02,00
62Knaapinen Jussi 1-61374FIN 16w0 29b½ 44w0 63b0 28w0 -1 57b01,520,515,03,00
63Juvakka Jasse 1-61381FIN 8b0 58w0 64b½ 62w1 36b0 49w0 51b01,517,511,51,50
64Forsman Linus 1-61363FIN 37w0 46b0 63w½ 29b0 57w0 54b0 -11,516,512,01,75
65Vuokko Aksel 1-61382FIN 3w0 52b0 55w0 59b0 -1 61w0 60b01,017,510,50,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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