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The ISF Academy Chess Open 2015 Secondary Section

Last update 18.03.2015 11:20:26, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Chan Jing Hoi0ISF
2Chan Yan Chit0St. Stephens' College
3Dai Daniel Siyuan0ISF
4Fung Wun Ching0Pui Ching Middle School
5Gupta Shashwat0South Island
6Kannappan Kannammai0West Island
7Ng Fabio0Logos Academy
8Salwan Samira0Discovery College
9Srivastava Tarun0South Island
10Wong Yee Chit0Logos Academy
11Chann Sabrina0ISF
12Takasumi Richard0Discovery College