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Last update 03.10.2008 20:12:33, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMRios Cristhian Camilo2125VAL 10b+ 10w1 9b1 9w1 8w1 8b1 7w1 7b1 2b½ 2w½9,053,580
2Cadena Gustavo Adolfo1994CAQ 17w1 17b1 19b1 19w1 4b0 4w1 11w1 11b1 1w½ 1b½8,047,570
3Quinto Chaverra Yeison1721ANT 18w1 18b1 4w0 4b0 17b1 17w1 13b1 13w1 5w1 5b18,040,080
4De Arco Luis Carlos2150ATL 14w1 14b1 3b1 3w1 2w1 2b0 5b0 5w1 7w½ 7b17,545,070
5Silva John Hansen2036BOG 21b½ 21w1 6w1 6b1 16b1 16w1 4w1 4b0 3b0 3w06,544,060
6Celis Guzman Julian Fernando1829TOL 16w½ 16b1 5b0 5w0 21w1 21b1 12b1 12w0 14b1 14w16,532,060
7Torres Juan Camilo2062CAL 20w1 20b1 12b1 12w1 11w1 11b½ 1b0 1w0 4b½ 4w06,043,550
8Hernandez Daniel Santiago1877CUN 15b1 15w1 13w1 13b1 1b0 1w0 14w0 14b1 9b0 9w16,038,060
9Labrador John1657CAU 23b1 23w1 1w0 1b0 15w0 15b1 20b1 20w1 8w1 8b06,033,060
10Ortega Avila Brian1620ARA 1w- 1b0 18b0 18w0 24w1 24b1 23w1 23b1 19b1 19w16,021,060
11Vasquez Ayola John1734COR 24b1 24w1 22w1 22b1 7b0 7w½ 2b0 2w0 12w0 12b15,537,550
12Angulo Pablo1632NAR 26w1 26b1 7w0 7b0 18b½ 18w1 6w0 6b1 11b1 11w05,532,050
13Lopez David Gerardo1629BOY 25w1 25b1 8b0 8w0 22b1 22w1 3w0 3b0 17w1 17b05,032,050
14Movil Brito Jaime Alfreo1623GUA 4b0 4w0 24w1 24b1 25b+ 25w+ 8b1 8w0 6w0 6b05,030,050
15Garcia Jhon Jairo1600SAN 8w0 8b0 27b+ 27w+ 9b1 9w0 19b1 19w0 18w1 18b05,027,050
16Imbachi Victor Alejandro1600QUI 6b½ 6w0 21w1 21b1 5w0 5b0 18w0 18b1 20w½ 20b15,025,040
17Barbosa Cristian1600MET 2b0 2w0 26w1 26b1 3w0 3b0 25b+ 25w+ 13b0 13w15,023,050
18San Juan Navarro Carlos1600NS 3b0 3w0 10w1 10b1 12w½ 12b0 16b1 16w0 15b0 15w14,523,040
19Palomares Daniel1630HUI 27b+ 27w+ 2w0 2b0 23b1 23w0 15w0 15b1 10w0 10b04,028,040
20Monroy Kevin1616CAS 7b0 7w0 23w0 23b1 26b+ 26w+ 9w0 9b0 16b½ 16w03,519,030
21Arroyo Correa Fernando1602SUC 5w½ 5b0 16b0 16w0 6b0 6w0 22w1 22b1 24b1 24w03,514,030
22Murayari Arley0AMA -1 -1 11b0 11w0 13w0 13b0 21b0 21w0 23w1 23b03,021,010
23Botero Juan Diego0RIS 9w0 9b0 20b1 20w0 19w0 19b1 10b0 10w0 22b0 22w13,014,030
24Patino Oliver1600MAG 11w0 11b0 14b0 14w0 10b0 10w0 26w1 26b1 21w0 21b13,08,030
25Jimenez Leonel0VIC 13b0 13w0 -1 -1 14w- 14b- 17w- 17b- 26b- 26w-2,015,000
26Campo Jhor Jackson0PUT 12b0 12w0 17b0 17w0 20w- 20b- 24b0 24w0 25w+ 25b+2,03,020
27Cordoba Yanier0CHO 19w- 19b- 15w- 15b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,000

Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Manually input (after Tie-Break matches)