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Warren Seymour Classic 2015

Last update 01.03.2015 00:56:10, Creator/Last Upload: bahamas chess federation

Starting rank

1CMMoncur Cecil10400583BAH1864
2CMJoseph Elton10400036BAH1825
3NMSmall Byron10400044BAH1772
4Hanna Jr Philip10400559BAH1598
5Stuart Clive10400761BAH1513
6CMSmith Nathan61400220BAH1540
7Johnson Daijah10400591BAH1280
8Sands Malik10400834BAH1216
9Pinder Trinity10400818BAH1062
10Paul Godwin10400800BAH1046
11Strachan Ivoine10400842BAH989
12Saintilma John10400826BAH1261