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Tamil Nadu State Team 22nd FIDE Rated Chess Championship 2015

Last update 09.02.2015 07:55:11, Creator/Last Upload: all india chess federation

Team pairings

Round 3 on 2015/02/06 at 9.00AM
11ICF Chennai4:½48Shakthi CA Chennai12
213T Nagar CA - B4:4Golden Knights CA Madurai2
33Velammal4:½4Virudhunagar DCA - A14
417Trichy DCA4:4Velammal B4
55T Nagar CA - A43:14T Nagar CA - C16
627Virudhunagar DCA - B742:24Erode District CC6
735Golden Knights B741:34PSNA College ET8
811Isai Nila CA - B42:24Isai Nila CA - A24
99Thiruvarur DCA633:136Cuddalore DCA-A31
1015Master's Chathurangam Salem3:36Riverside B, Kothagiri25
117Vellore DCA A24:023Tiruvannamalai DCA37
1239Imaigal Chathurangam Salem322:224Miracle Masters Erode10
1341Madurai District CA32½:2Viluppuram DCA A18
1419Coimbatore DCA A323:12Cuddalore District Chess Association-B40
1543Namakkal DCA21:32Salem District CA20
1621Sivagangai DCA23:124Coimbatore DCA C42
1745Coimbatore DCA F52½:24Kanchi DCA22
1823Vellore DCA B522:223Elite A-Salem44
1926Erode SARK23:12Velammal Newgen Park A46
2047Coimbatore DCA D32½:25Thiruvallur DCA29
2151Steel Chathurangam Salem2:25King Makers Erode30
2232Coimbatore DCA B423:12Dindigul DCA50
2333Rajapalayam Chess Club23:123Coimbatore DCA E53
2470Rams1 Chathurangam Salem000:42N- Chathurangam Salem34
2571Sri Aurobindo Meera MHSS000:42Knack Knackers Virudhunagar36
2666Coimbatore DCA G322:212Miracle Students Erode52
2749Sai Chess Erode211:313Chess World Hosur28
2864Elite B-Salem312:213CCF -CBE67
2954Jai Senthil Raj- Erode310:40SMK CA Vellore38
3060Velammal Newgen Park B201:30Sivakasi Chess Club48
3161Senthur Chathurangam½04:00Riverside A, Kothagiri55
3256Brilliant Queens003:100Velammal Newgen Park D62
3363Viluppuram DCA B002:202Velammal Vidyalaya Theni57
3458TN Braille CA003:101Salem Chathurangam65
3568Erode College10½:0Velammal Newgen Park C59
3669Fire FIDEs Erode00:00bye-1
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