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Maldives National Individual Chess Championship 2015

Last update 01.02.2015 12:32:35, Creator/Last Upload: maldives chess federation

Starting rank

1CMAli Abdul Rahman16700066MDV1865
2CMHassan Mohamed16700058MDV1854
3FMAshraf Ahmed16700031MDV1837
4Ali Hussain16700643MDV1829
5Samir Hassan16700074MDV1818
6Naeem Ahmed16700279MDV1804
7CMFuad Ahmed16700333MDV1797
8Moosa Abdul Gafoor16700635MDV1735
9Abdulla Ibrahim16700236MDV1731
10Firaq Ibrahim16700120MDV1563
11Mufeed Abdulla16700228MDV1664
12Naeem AhmedMDV1547
13Nimal Hussain16700309MDV1501
14Adil AhmedMDV1452
15Ajuvad Solah MohamedMDV1403
16Zain Mohamed Ismail16700430MDV1357
17Zayan Mohamed Hassan16700457MDV1207
18Saeed AdamMDV0
19Nasih Hassan16700627MDV0
20Solah HussainMDV0
21Mohamed Hussain VishauMDV0
22Mujah IbrahimMDV0
23Fathi IsmailMDV0
24Fathih IsmailMDV0
25Hameed Mohamed16700350MDV0
26Sajiu Ismail Mohamed16700376MDV0
27Abdul Razzaq Rafil16700490MDV0