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Moscow-Open 2015 A

Last update 08.02.2015 17:28:08, Creator/Last Upload: moscow chess federation

Player overview for INA

32GMMegaranto Susanto2548INA½1½½½11½16,517103,90Open A
86FMAli Muhammad Lutfi2404INA110½½½00½4,014610-2,90Open A

Results of the last round for INA

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91432GMMegaranto Susanto2548 1 - 0 IMKopylov Alexander A.242071
976163FMUraev Ivan2287 ½ - ½ FMAli Muhammad Lutfi240486

Player details for INA

GM Megaranto Susanto 2548 INA Rp:2574 Pts. 6,5
1153Tutisani Noe2308GEO3,5w ½10-3,00
2169FMEsipenko Andrey2271RUS5,0s 1101,70
392FMTsydypov Zhamsaran2398RUS4,5w ½10-2,00
486FMAli Muhammad Lutfi2404INA4,0s ½10-1,90
5100Khanin Semen2387RUS5,5w ½10-2,10
6104Triapishko Olexandr2379UKR5,0s 1102,80
769Asgarizadeh Ahmad2424IRI4,5w 1103,30
85GMAlekseev Evgeny2679RUS6,0s ½101,80
971IMKopylov Alexander A.2420RUS5,5w 1103,30
FM Ali Muhammad Lutfi 2404 INA Rp:2379 Pts. 4,0
1209CMSargsyan Shant2172ARM4,5s 1102,10
216GMBukavshin Ivan2622RUS6,0w 1107,80
337IMAtabayev Maksat2496TKM5,0s 010-3,70
432GMMegaranto Susanto2548INA6,5w ½101,90
522GMSavchenko Boris2599RUS5,0s ½102,50
6171Drygalov Sergey2269RUS4,5w ½10-1,80
739IMVlassov Nikolai2493RUS5,5s 010-3,80
8151IMSemiev Suhrab2310TKM5,5w 010-6,30
9163FMUraev Ivan2287RUS4,0s ½10-1,60
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