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Emmanul Lasker - Group B

Last update 01.02.2015 22:43:07, Creator/Last Upload: lebanese chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4Shihab Khaled5300746LBN2083
8Nassar Marwan5301343LBN2050
5Shamieh Jamal5300444LBN2049
10IMKhechen Nabil E5300029LBN2016
12Ghassan Houmsi5300410LBN1985
9Sharbel Marwan5301629LBN1974
11Moudallal Tarek5300630LBN1949
7Berbari Imad5300827LBN1904
1Jawhar Oussama5302137LBN1851
6Elayyash Rawad5301483LBN1813
2Khairallah Ralph5302994LBN1743
3Zeidan Mohammad5302200LBN0