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The 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival - Masters

Last update 05.02.2015 17:50:46, Creator/Last Upload: ia laurent freyd

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1 
1GMNakamura Hikaru2776USA178b1 79w1 17b1 60w1 8b1 5w1 2b½ 13w1 10b½ 9w½8,52919
2GMHowell David W L2670ENG156w1 59b½ 75w1 77b1 37w1 7b1 1w½ 10b½ 15w1 3b½8,02818
3GMHou Yifan2673CHN128w1 97b1 65w1 23w½ 25b½ 35w1 13b½ 12b½ 16w1 2w½7,52772
4GMVitiugov Nikita2735RUS153b1127w1109b½ 19w½ 61b1 74w1 15b½ 35w1 10w½7,52770
5GMTopalov Veselin2800BUL159w1 53b½112w1109w1 33b1 1b0 24w½ 26b1 7w½ 45b17,52767
6IMWagner Dennis2501GER 91b1 12w½ 11b½114w1 60b1 34w1 10w0 24b1 13b½ 38w17,52759
7GMWei Yi2675CHN183b1 86w1 64b1 26w1108b½ 2w0 73b1 22w½ 5b½ 42w17,52754
8GMAdhiban B.2630IND 90w1102b1 43w1 39b1 1w0 56b1 15w0 41b1 12w½ 27b17,52750
9GMHarikrishna P.2723IND107w1221b1 61w1 74b½ 24w½ 52b½ 32w1 27b½ 28w1 1b½7,52748
10GMBachmann Axel2629PAR134b1119w1 62b0110w1 86b1 17w1 6b1 2w½ 1w½ 4b½7,52722
11GMMatlakov Maxim2695RUS144w1 75b½ 6w½ 58b1 56w0 98b1 52w1 55b½ 32w1 31b17,52667
12GMSvidler Peter2739RUS126w1 6b½103w1 62w1 34b½ 29b1 3w½ 8b½ 18w½7,02719
13GMYu Yangyi2724CHN106b1 76w1 25b½ 20w1 23b1108w1 3w½ 1b0 6w½ 19b½7,02707
14GMJakovenko Dmitry2733RUS149w1 85b1 77w½ 88b½ 32w½ 51w1 54b1 16b½ 19w½ 15b½7,02700
15GMNaroditsky Daniel2622USA253b1 69w1 51b½ 55w½ 70b1 21w1 8b1 4w½ 2b0 14w½7,02698
16GMRapport Richard2716HUN114b1 57w1 26b0 73w1 55b½ 89w1108b1 14w½ 3b0 30w17,02677
17GMNabaty Tamir2579ISR174b1110w1 1w0 93b1221w1 10b0 78w1 28b0 71w1 56b17,02615
18GMSutovsky Emil2637ISR121w1 51b0135w1 31b½102w1 43b½ 97w1 44b½ 55w1 12b½7,02605
19GMBok Benjamin2572NED135w½248b1 82w1 4b½ 80w½ 78b½115w1117b1 14b½ 13w½7,02582
20GMSengupta Deep2569IND234w1 92b½ 87w1 13b0 31w½111b½ 93w1 66b½ 58w1 52b17,02574
21GMSandipan Chanda2574IND151w1 93b0156w1125b1 84w1 15b0 28w0114w1 96b1 65b17,02526
22GMRodshtein Maxim2680ISR140w1 71b1 46w1108b0 65w1 74w½ 23b½ 7b½ 52w½ 44b½6,52642
23GMLalith Babu M.R.2537IND185b1101w1 27w1 3b½ 13w0 80b1 22w½ 40b½ 38w0100w16,52637
24GMLenderman Aleksandr2614USA133b1 78w½142b1 89w1 9b½ 25w½ 5b½ 6w0 79b½ 76w16,52626
25GMOparin Grigoriy2551RUS229w1115b1 13w½ 83b1 3w½ 24b½ 27w0 31b0 82w1 97b16,52621
26GMJu Wenjun2547CHN204w1125b1 16w1 7b0 30w½142b1 5w0 62b½ 73w16,52621
27GMCheparinov Ivan2681BUL165b1 67w1 23b0 69w1 53b½ 39w1 25b1 9w½ 30b½ 8w06,52619
28WGMPadmini Rout2388IND226b1 35w½ 42b½ 54w0141b1 49w1 21b1 17w1 9b0 33w½6,52608
29GMSalgado Lopez Ivan2628ESP146w1 66b½132w1 32b½ 39w½ 57b1 12w0 53b1 44w½ 46b½6,52607
30IMNakar Eylon2419ISR129w1 37b½ 88w0135b1 77w1 26b½ 46w1 48b1 27w½ 16b06,52604
31IMKuipers Stefan2390NED225b1 74w0215b1 18w½ 20b½ 61w1 42b½ 25w1 34b1 11w06,52599
32GMMuzychuk Anna2544UKR215b1120w½147b1 29w½ 14b½145w1 9b0 54w1 11b0 78w16,52595
33GMAnton Guijarro David2617ESP 72w1100b½ 66w1 41b1 5w0 59b½ 58w½ 57b½ 85w1 28b½6,52580
34GMBologan Viktor2608MDA170w1 50b½100w1122b1 12w½ 6b0 59w1 56b½ 31w0 79b16,52576
35GMMareco Sandro2583ARG154w1 28b½ 50w1 80b½ 85w1 3b0119w1 51w1 4b0 41b½6,52574
36GMEdouard Romain2638FRA130b1 96w1 39b0118w1 57b½ 76w½ 53b½ 79w½ 56w½ 75b16,52570
37GMSalem A.R. Saleh2603UAE141b1 30w½ 78b1 68w1 2b0 73w0110w1 75b½ 57w½ 86b16,52565
38GMIturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo2649VEN131w1 58b½ 59w½102b½ 66w1 41b½ 75w½ 63w1 23b1 6b06,52557
39GMStefanova Antoaneta2515BUL181w1244b1 36w1 8w0 29b½ 27b0112w1 45b0 87w1 92b16,52556
40GMMotylev Alexander2665RUS143b0222w1136b1 98w1 76b½ 53w½ 43b1 23w½ 42b0 64w16,52544
41GMPopilski Gil2522ISR228b1116w½120b1 33w0101b1 38w½113b1 8w0 63b1 35w½6,52543
42GMFelgaer Ruben2575ARG124w1 82b½ 28w½115b1 59w½119b½ 31w½ 87b1 40w1 7b06,52539
43IMDonchenko Alexander2511GER222b1143w1 8b0106w1 54b½ 18w½ 40w0115b½ 84w1101b16,52534
44GMXu Jun2523CHN138w1112b0121w1144b½ 92w1 81b1 18w½ 29b½ 22w½6,52531
45GMBartel Mateusz2631POL136b1 62w0143b½155w1 78b0150w1100b1 39w1 73b1 5w06,52524
46GMRasmussen Allan Stig2526DEN184b1 63w1 22b0116w½ 81b½120w1 30b0104w1 51b1 29w½6,52519
47FMSalomon Johan2319NOR250w1122b½ 53w½ 65b0177w1 85b1 56w0 97b½119w1109b16,52519
48GMHansen Eric2574CAN207b1111w0123b1 81w½142b½147w1 76b1 30w0 59b1 49w½6,52497
49GMTroff Kayden W2541USA172w1113b0131w1 84b0153w1 28b0126w1 81b1 66w1 48b½6,52448
50IMSantiago Yago De Moura2406BRA236b1 34w½ 35b0145w0215b1173w0174b1152w1 83b1 99w16,52416
51GMVishnu Prasanna. V2463IND233b1 18w1 15w½ 52b½ 88w1 14b0109w1 35b0 46w0126b16,02588
52GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2595IND152b1 98w1 73b½ 51w½ 62b1 9w½ 11b0 86w1 22b½ 20w06,02586
53GMDebashis Das2503IND179w1 5w½ 47b½112b1 27w½ 40b½ 36w½ 29w0106b1 54w½6,02580
54GMSethuraman S.P.2624IND164w1142b½ 58w½ 28b1 43w½ 67b1 14w0 32b0118w1 53b½6,02540
55GMSpraggett Kevin2538CAN216w1 87b½ 92w1 15b½ 16w½113b½ 82w1 11w½ 18b0 69b½6,02540
56IMMuzychuk Mariya2520UKR180b1155w½116b½ 63w1 11b1 8w0 47b1 34w½ 36b½ 17w06,02531
57IMTari Aryan2487NOR197w1 16b0 72w1138b1 36w½ 29w0155b1 33w½ 37b½ 60w½6,02525
58GMKrush Irina2467USA223b1 38w½ 54b½ 11w0136b1105w1 33b½ 60w½ 20b0116w16,02524
59IMTrent Lawrence2470ENG169b1 2w½ 38b½208w1 42b½ 33w½ 34b0137w1 48w0117b16,02521
60GMGrandelius Nils2602SWE161w1 94b1 93w1 1b0 6w0110b½111w1 58b½ 75w½ 57b½6,02519
61GMChirila Ioan-Cristian2548ROU145b1139w1 9b0111w1 4w0 31b0159w1 94b½ 93w1 62b½6,02498
62IMKjartansson Gudmundur2468ISL200w1 45b1 10w1 12b0 52w0151b½ 95w½124b1 26w½ 61w½6,02496
63FMDragnev Valentin2344AUT239w1 46b0212w1 56b0138w1122b1 65w1 38b0 41w0132b16,02460
64GMKhotenashvili Bela2526GEO168w1 84b1 7w0113b½ 82w½115b0128w1147b1117w1 40b06,02454
65GMAl-Sayed Mohammed2516QAT196b1137w1 3b0 47w1 22b0116w1 63b0120w1 91b1 21w06,02454
66IMGuo Qi2439CHN214b1 29w½ 33b0174w1 38b0205w1173b1 20w½ 49b0137w16,02447
67IMSmith Axel2483SWE171w1 27b0170w1173b½144w1 54w0148b½ 84b½112w½125b16,02401
68GMBlomqvist Erik2520SWE173w1117b1 83w½ 37b0113w0144b0154w½135b1129w1110b16,02387
69IMMkrtchian Lilit2449ARM198w1 15b0151w1 27b0 90w½152b½133w1145b1 55w½6,02384
70IMMelia Salome2473GEO195w1 83b0160w1176b1 15w0117b0 90w1148b½ 80w½112b16,02380
71GMZhukova Natalia2482UKR203b1 22w0162b½133w1105b½114w½145b½116w1 17b0120w16,02366
72CMBalogun Oluwafemi2193NGR 33b0232w1 57b0169w½167b½244w1147b0193w1139b1118w16,02287
73GMVenkatesh M.R.2460IND224w1243b1 52w½ 16b0 83w1 37b1 7w0 77b1 45w0 26b05,52606
74GMRoiz Michael2592ISR160w1 31b1113w1 9w½ 22b½ 4b0 96w½ 76b½ -05,52598
75IMJavakhishvili Lela2486GEO227b1 11w½ 2b0130w1116b½137w1 38b½ 37w½ 60b½ 36w05,52518
76GMShyam Sundar M.2489IND194w1 13b0164w1126b1 40w½ 36b½ 48w0125b1 74w½ 24b05,52508
77GMMikhalevski Victor2571ISR205b1104w1 14b½ 2w0 30b0130w1101b1 73w0111b1 -05,52501
78GMNeelotpal Das2437IND190w1 24b½ 37w0146b1 45w1 19w½ 17b0 95b½144w1 32b05,52464
79GMHarika Dronavalli2496IND163w1 1b0 90w½148b½126w1 84b½ 80w1 36b½ 24w½ 34w05,52453
80FMPlotkin Victor2306CAN211b1 89w½ 99b1 35w½ 19b½ 23w0 79b0196w1 70b½ 96w½5,52453
81IMZude Arno2377GER188w1109b0168w1 48b½ 46w½ 88b1 44w0 49w0136b1 85b½5,52448
82IMCodenotti Marco2374ITA209b1 42w½ 19b0167w1 64b½ 99w1 55b0 89w½ 25b0150w15,52446
83GMJones Gawain C B2671ENG150b1 70w1 68b½ 25w0 73b0183w1117w0149b1 50w0144b15,52421
84FMHolm Kristian Stuvik2330NOR245b1 64w0180b1 49w1 21b0 79w½ 89b½ 67w½ 43b0157w15,52420
85IMSvane Rasmus2496GER167b1 14w0 95b1153w1 35b0 47w0131b1113w1 33b0 81w½5,52415
86IMPichot Alan2480ARG176w1 7b0161w1181b1 10w0112b½149w1 52b0148w1 37w05,52414
87IMBellin Robert2338ENG246b1 55w½ 20b0158w1 99b½103w1 42w0 39b0152w15,52412
88GMBogner Sebastian2565SUI199b1147w½ 30b1 14w½ 51b0 81w0151w1118b0128w1 94w½5,52411
89GMBoruchovsky Avital2517ISR212w1 80b½148w1 24b0149w1 16b0 84w½ 82b½ 92w0153b15,52408
90CMUrbina Perez Juan Antonio2221ESP 8b0233w1 79b½ 96w½ 69b½104w½ 70b0206w1 98b½147w15,52402
91Yu Jonathan2081CAN 6w0107b1144w0128b½164w1 94b½153w1102b1 65w0122b½5,52400
92GMPaehtz Thomas2365GER217b1 20w½ 55b0227w1 44b0158w1 99w½ 89b1 39w05,52399
93GMBellon Lopez Juan Manuel2370ESP210b1 21w1 60b0 17w0152b½206w1 20b0162w1 61b0143w15,52378
94IMKaravade Eesha2398IND187b1 60w0145b½185w1109b0 91w½207b1 61w½108w½ 88b½5,52372
95Janev Pavel2196BUL218w1103b0 85w0201b1118b1 96w½ 62b½ 78w½100b0155w15,52371
96IMAdla Diego2469ARG249w1 36b0154w½ 90b½121w1 95b½144w1 74b½ 21w0 80b½5,52363
97IMDas Arghyadip2476IND206b1 3w0174b½152w½143b1207w1 18b0 47w½114b1 25w05,52361
98IMMartinez Martin David2407ESP182w1 52b0199w1 40b0134w1 11w0162b½123b½ 90w½156b15,52350
99GMCramling Pia2518SWE177w1148b½ 80w0178b1 87w½ 82b0156w1 92b½115w1 50b05,52349
100IMNagy Gabor2410HUN186b1 33w½ 34b0105w0182b1174w1 45w0121b1 95w1 23b05,52349
101WGMBartel Marta2347POL235w1 23b0177w½163b1 41w0170b1 77w0151b1122w1 43w05,52346
102IMDocx Stefan2450BEL191b1 8w0205b1 38w½ 18b0152w½157b1 91w0143b½165w15,52337
103IMGeorgiadis Nico2490SUI213b½ 95w1 12b0143w½150b½123w1 87b0146w½131b1104w½5,52324
104FMLadron De Guevara Pinto Paolo2367ESP257w1 77b0138w0172b1124w½ 90b½160w1 46b0123w1103b½5,52289
105Bar Aviv2142ISR109w0188b½202w1100b1 71w½ 58b0125w0211b1140w½148b15,52259
106FMNuri Kambez2305SUI 13w0179b1171w1 43b0181w½124b½129w½182b1 53w0161b15,52252
107FMDe Haan Eric2299NED 9b0 91w0186b1228w1175b0184w½196b0189w1204b1145w15,52181
108GMVazquez Igarza Renier2592ESP162b1118w1111b1 22w1 7w½ 13b0 16w0 -0 94b½ -05,02617
109GMStefansson Hannes2573ISL105b1 81w1 4w½ 5b0 94w1 51b0142w½110b½ 47w05,02454
110IMFoisor Cristina-Adela2390ROU220w1 17b0172w1 10b0161w1 60w½ 37b0164b1109w½ 68w05,02400
111IMHouska Jovanka2388ENG166w1 48b1108w0 61b0160w1 20w½ 60b0161b1 77w0121b½5,02400
112FMGuerrero Vargas Andres2320VEN193b1 44w1 5b0 53w0180b1 86w½ 39b0173w1 67b½ 70w05,02385
113WGMSoumya Swaminathan2346IND240b1 49w1 74b0 64w½ 68b1 55w½ 41w0 85b0154w½129b½5,02379
114FMTate Alan2297SCO 16w0189b1244w1 6b0176w1 71b½132w1 21b0 97w0119b½5,02373
115FMChristiansen Johan-Sebastian2354NOR230b1 25w0184b1 42w0157b1 64w1 19b0 43w½ 99b0133w½5,02367
116IMVuilleumier Alexandre2336SUI237w1 41b½ 56w½ 46b½ 75w½ 65b0175w1 71b0124w1 58b05,02366
117IMWatson John L2319USA252b1 68w0208b0184w1194b1 70w1 83b1 19w0 64b0 59w05,02343
118GMSolomon Kenny2399RSA192w1108b0204w1 36b0 95w0138b1134w1 88w1 54b0 72b05,02327
119GMCarlsson Pontus2465SWE201w1 10b0124w1173b1 42w½ 35b0145w½ 47b0114w½5,02318
120FMZwahr Paul2354GER241w1 32b½ 41w0177b½204w1 46b0135w1 65b0160w1 71b05,02307
121Hommerson Paul2229NED 18b0223w1 44b0197w1 96b0176w1127b½100w0175b1111w½5,02306
122GMTarjan James E2518USA208b1 47w½155b1 34w0147b½ 63w0143b½150w1101b0 91w½5,02304
123Perez Garcia Alejandro2207ESP243w0198b1 48w0200b1103b0189w1 98w½104b0195b15,02281
124Seyfried Claus2147GER 42b0225w1119b0214w1104b½106w½139b1 62w0116b0203w15,02276
125IMWemmers Xander2353NED202b1 26w0228b1 21w0207b0185w1105b1 76w0141b1 67w05,02274
126WIMFrisk Ellinor2266SWE 12b0203w1210b1 76w0 79b0179w1 49b0180w1186b1 51w05,02270
127IMRaznikov Danny2494ISR189w1 4b0146w½149b0248w1128b½121w½144b0174w1140b½5,02264
128FMCordes Hans-Joerg Dr.2262GER 3b0176w0193b1 91w½196b1127w½ 64b0222w1 88b0185w15,02260
129Boyer Censore Giuseppe Enmanu1960VEN 30b0133w½253b½151b0172w1141w1106b½155w1 68b0113w½5,02252
130Spence David J2231ENG 36w0200b½255w1 75b0189w1 77b0163w½195b1132w0179b15,02241
131FMScharrer Patrick2231ITA 38b0169w1 49b0175w0232b1197w1 85w0176b1103w0181b15,02236
132IMAlmagro Llamas Pablo2469ESP158b½213w1 29b0162w1145b0133w1114b0143w½130b1 63w05,02235
133Byron Alan M2188ENG 24w0129b½190w1 71b0216w1132b0158w1 69b0182w1115b½5,02218
134FMTerron Elena Francisco M.2218ESP 10w0224b1243w0249b1 98b0169w1118b0186w0206b1184w15,02216
135Havik Victor2137NOR 19b½158w1 18b0 30w0169b½218w1120b0 68w0193b1186w15,02215
136Barrenechea Bahamonde Gustavo2223ESP 45w0201b1 40w0171b1 58w0224b0233w1192b1 81w0176b15,02205
137FMSantos Ruiz Miguel2310ESP247w1 65b0181w0212b1179w1 75b0224w1 59b0188w1 66b05,02199
138Amgalanbaatar Ravdanlkhumbuu2117MGL 44b0251w1104b1 57w0 63b0118w0193b0232w1230b1183w15,02178
139IMLejlic Samir2354SWE231w1 61b0173w0168b1151w0204b1124w0205b1 72w0154b15,02163
140FMViana Dirceu2268BRA 22b0227w½158b0187w½191b1222w½206b½184w1105b½127w½5,02151
141Hellwig Tobias2172GER 37w0216b0192w1224b1 28w0129b0191w1166b1125w0187b15,02096
142IMTeran Alvarez Ismael2430ESP232b1 54w½ 24w0154b1 48w½175b1 26w0109b½ -0 -04,52439
143Galmandakh Badrakh2240MGL 40w1 43b0 45w½103b½ 97w0194b1122w½132b½102w½ 93b04,52425
144Lombaers Peter2291NED 11b0194w1 91b1 44w½ 67b0 68w1 96b0127w1 78b0 83w04,52407
145CMWalton Alan J2129ENG 61w0231b1 94w½ 50b1132w1 32b0 71w½119b½ 69w0107b04,52347
146Al-Tamimi Hamad2214QAT 29b0191w1127b½ 78w0222b½201w1103b½147w½ -04,52309
147WGMKhademalsharieh Sarasadat2372IRI219w1 88b½ 32w0248b1122w½ 48b0 72w1 64w0146b½ 90b04,52308
148FMSorm Daniel2319CZE242b1 99w½ 89b0 79w½208b1 67w½ 70w½ 86b0105w04,52305
149Rydstrom Tom2292SWE 14b0167w½213b1127w1 89b0223w1 86b0 83w0185b½168w½4,52289
150Semprun Martinez Fernando2253ESP 83w0249b1247w1221b0103w½ 45b0181w1122b0177w1 82b04,52286

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