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6ο Τουρνουά της Παρασκευής

Last update 06.03.2015 22:15:08, Creator/Last Upload: chess club union

Starting rank

1Sideris Georgios4249151GRE2001
2Vlassis Georgios4203399GRE1960
3Hatzihrisafis Dimos4237498GRE1947
4Galaras Anestis4208013GRE1851
5Giakoustidis Spiros-Avgerinos4208668GRE1830
6Ballas Athanasios-Panagiotis4224078GRE1795
7Kourtesis Dimos4227751GRE1617
8Atmatzidis-Hatziris Konstanti4241681GRE1547
9Beis Emmanouil25811240GRE1477
10Hatziara Dimitra4296850GRE1463
11Michalenas Aristidis4282817GRE1420
12Giouvantsioudis-Mousiadis Ari4296125GRE1027
13Batsi Lida4277872GRE1391
14Tsolakos Panagiotis4223411GRE0
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