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Championnat de Tunisie individuel 2014

Last update 28.12.2014 12:53:04, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank list of players

4FMZaibi Amir5500796TUN2309
2FMAmdouni Zoubaier5500419TUN2291
7CMBouaziz Mehdi5500311TUN2283
5FMBoudriga Med Ali5500460TUN2255
3Bouzidi Ahmed5501733TUN2235
1Hergli Amir5500583TUN2141
6Meddeb Anis5501059TUN2134
10Jmila Omar5500605TUN2057
8Meftahi Houssem5501660TUN2031
9Bourkhis Adnane5501318TUN1977