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1st ActiveKids FIDE Rapid Rated

Last update 21.12.2014 11:59:39, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Lo Cheuk Wai6000665HKG1813
2Lai Sai Wing6001521HKG1797
3Ng Chung Lok Andrew6002544HKG1644
4Choy Hong Lui Ronald6002269HKG1580
5Yau Kwok Yui Oliver6002579HKG1496
6Choi Wang Yan Alvin6001572HKG1281
7Baile Jack Gregory362200029HKG0
8Chan Hing Lung Weldon6002676HKG0
9Garceran Wang Miguel Angel6002005HKG0
10Ko Sung Min6002668HKG0
11Ngai Justin6002684HKG0
12Pun Cheuk Man Justin6002633HKG0
13So Ka Wang6002650HKG0
14Takasumi Richard6002196HKG0
15Teng Henry Ming-heng6002641HKG0