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Activekids End of the Year Tournament 2014 Age 11-12

Last update 14.12.2014 15:07:02, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Chow Jason0South Island
2Chung Bok Man0Kau Yan
3Chung Vivian0Kau Yan
4Fuaso Rian Patrick0THS
5Hatrick Hector0CDNIS
6Hugentobler Vincent Ka Hou0Kau Yan
7Lam Hang Long0South Island
8Leung Hoi Ting0KGV
9Siu Ethan0United Christian College
10Suen Long0South Island
11Takasumi Richard0Discovery College
12Wong Colin0South Island
13Wu Duncan0CDNIS
14Yau Kwun Hou Bosco0Kau Yan School