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Petach Tikva International IM 2014

Last update 27.12.2014 12:45:37, Creator: israel chess federation (licence 22),Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 15)

Starting rank list of players

3GMKantsler Boris2805359ISR2429
9IMNedobora Mikhail14101122UKR2392
5FMVeinberg Nimrod2810280ISR2322
2IMNisman Boris I4104196RUS2316
6Libman Guy2802252ISR2290
1FMErenberg Ariel2811634ISR2286
8FMShutzman Joseph2009692USA2254
4FMZalkind Konstantin2803461ISR2252
10Shnaider David4106482RUS2240
7CMDrori Saar2812444ISR2103