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The 17th Chess ASEAN University Games 2014 # Women #

Last update 18.12.2014 12:50:11, Creator/Last Upload: japfa chess club

Starting rank

1WIMChelsie Monica I. Sihite7101198INA2224
2WFMDewi AA Citra7101244INA2111
3Siti Nur Fatimah Al-Zuhro Hj Aza10500359BRU1973
4WFMYemi Jelsen7101406INA1952
5WFMAlia Anin Azwa Bakri5702712MAS1950
6Victoria Chan5801737SGP1907
7Melissa Lo5801001SGP1864
8Le Thi Hoa12401340VIE1837
9Lee Lee YinMAS1824
10Yuliana Santosa7101260INA1788
11Kwan Tszee Yeung5706939MAS1754
12Maria Luciante Tilman31900275TLS0
13Ong Choon Yong5716306MAS0