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Karachi Students Open (O Level) Chess Championship

Last update 07.12.2014 15:32:30, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdul Sattar KainatPAK1200Standard Public Academy
2Abdul Sattar OwaisPAK1200Standard Public Academy
3Ahmed Hafiz SyedPAK1200Happy Home High School
4Durrani Ali SherPAK1200Bvs Parsi High School
5Feroz MariumPAK1200Happy Home High School
6Hussain Ansari ZeeshanPAK1200Happy Home High School
7Ibrahim AimanPAK1200Standard Public Academy
8Imran FatimaPAK1200Standard Public Academy
9Maqsood AreejPAK1200Smb Fatima Jinnah
10Mazhar M. UsamnPAK1200Happy Home High School
11Rafiq BaberPAK1200Standard Public Academy
12Rahim AbdulPAK1200Standard Public Academy
13Ramzan YousufPAK1200Standard Public Academy
14Rashid AbdullahPAK1200Happy Home High School
15Rizwan MahamPAK1200Happy Home High School
16Rizwan MaheenPAK1200Happy Home High School
17Saleem ObaidPAK1200Standard Public Academy
18Saleem UzaimaPAK1200Smb Fatima Jinnah
19Shah TauseefPAK1200Happy Home High School
20Umer NomanPAK1200Standard Public Academy