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Karachi Students Open (A Level) Chess Championship

Last update 07.12.2014 15:32:56, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdul Hameed MoizPAK1400Standard Public Academy
2Ilyas AfrozPAK1400Smb Fatima Jinnah
3Ilyas AfshanPAK1400Smb Fatima Jinnah
4Khan Razi AliPAK1400Dj Sindh Government Science Co
5Mursaleen SumanPAK1400Smb Fatima Jinnah
6Ramzan MohsinPAK1400Standard Public Academy
7Syed Sarim Wasti7800770PAK1400The City School Liaquat Campus
8Umer OwaisPAK1400Standard Public Academy
9Khan Muhammad AhmedPAK1400Zoom Public School
10Khan HunainPAK1400Excellence