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First Saturday FM-B Dec 2014

Last update 16.12.2014 20:23:06, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team fra

7Leost JoelFRA14430000000000,09FM-B
12Leost JoelFRA1443001½½002,012MEDOSZ Rapid

Player details

Leost Joel 1443 FRA Rp:984 Pts. 0,0
14Di Giovanni Vilmos1755HUN4,0s 0FM-B
25Ongut Tamas Gunes1703HUN4,0w 0FM-B
36Lakat Gyula1803HUN5,5s 0FM-B
4-bye- --- 0FM-B
58Szurkos Andras1782HUN4,5w 0FM-B
69Hatala Sandor1866HUN4,0s 0FM-B
71Steer Jozsef1811HUN6,0w 0FM-B
82Szlenka Attila1773HUN4,0s 0FM-B
93Takacs Zsolt Otto1782HUN4,0w 0FM-B
Leost Joel 1443 FRA Rp:1494 Pts. 2,0
16Heyl Thomas1994GER4,0s 0MEDOSZ Rapid
29Szlenka Attila1830HUN3,5w 0MEDOSZ Rapid
3-bye- --- 1MEDOSZ Rapid
44Meixner Ferenc2051HUN3,5w ½MEDOSZ Rapid
58Szentgyorgyi Sandor1831HUN1,5s ½MEDOSZ Rapid
611Vegvari Ferenc1579HUN3,0w 0MEDOSZ Rapid
713Szabo Miklos Istvan1316HUN3,0s 0MEDOSZ Rapid