6th London Chess Classic Super Rapidplay

Organizer(s)IO Sean Hewitt
FederationEngland ( ENG )
Tournament directorIA Alex Holowczak
Chief ArbiterIA Sean Hewitt
ArbiterIA Alex Holowczak, IA Jack Rudd, IA David Eustace, IA David Sedgwick, FA Matthew Carr, Thomas Thorpe, Tim Dickinson
Time controlG/25 + 10'
LocationOlympia Conference Centre
Rating calculationRating national, Rating international
Date2014/12/06 to 2014/12/07
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz Herzog

Last update 07.12.2014 21:18:21, Creator/Last Upload: chessinschools

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Final Ranking after 10 Rounds, Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9, Rd.10/10 , not paired
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Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd TB1 
1GMNakamura Hikaru2905220w1 66b1 54w1 18b1 24w1 14b½ 13w1 2w1 3b1 4w19,5
2GMGiri Anish2674202b1103w1 85b1 34w1 97b1 5w1 3w½ 1b0 13w1 14b18,5
3GMCaruana Fabiano2858 76b1165w1 53b1 48w1 25b1 22w1 2b½ 16w1 1w0 7b½8,0
4GMAnand Viswanathan2809374w1 98b1257w1 30b½ 64w1 10b1 14w½ 23b1 22w1 1b08,0
5GMKramnik Vladimir2785366w1 99b1 38w1 33b1 26w1 2b0 50w1 24b1 14w½ 9b½8,0
6GMShort Nigel D2740183w1 46b½215w1 88b1 80w½ 35b½ 38w1 77b1 16w½ 24b18,0
7GMLenderman Aleksandr2680217w1120b1 84w1 80b½ 12w0163b1118w1 20b1 27w1 3w½8,0
8GMHansen Eric2658219w1122b1 21w1 36b½ 46w1 13b0 56w½ 42b1 33w1 29b18,0
9GMNaroditsky Daniel2620264w1 70b1 42w1118b1 14w0257b1 80w½ 35b1 47b1 5w½8,0
10GMPert Nicholas2620187b1 71w1 43b1 92w½ 83b1 4w0 53b½ 41w1 82b1 22w18,0
11GMGreenfeld Alon2541151w1125b1 61w1 14b0 62w1 40b1 64w1 22b0 52w1 23b18,0
12GMWilliams Simon K2448228w1136b½141w1 44b1 7b1 16w0117b1 25w½ 26b1 47w18,0
13GMAdams Michael2808317b1 67w1 55b1 77w½ 49b1 8w1 1b0 83w1 2b0 54w17,5
14GMSadler Matthew D2770262b1101w1 39b1 11w1 9b1 1w½ 4b½ 26w1 5b½ 2w07,5
15GMAgdestein Simen2718216b1353w1 41b1 19w0 89b1 81w1 16b0 57w½ 62b1 58w17,5
16GMMcShane Luke J2673356w1354b1 40w1 51b1 35w½ 12b1 15w1 3b0 6b½ 19w½7,5
17GMCherniaev Alexander2553223b1 72w0218b1129w0186b1109w1 97b1 86w1 59b½ 61w17,5
18IMAdair James R2538152b1127w1 63b1 1w0 61b1 59w0162b1 89w1 58b½ 57w17,5
19GMChirila Ioan-Cristian2503154w1130b1 93w1 15b1 22w0 21b1 23w0 56b1 91w1 16b½7,5
20IMDourerassou Jonathan2481155b1108w1 97b0109w1329b1 45w1 47b½ 7w0117b1 59w17,5
21IMTrent Lawrence2388234b1172w1 8b0171w1104b1 19w0103b1 79w1 25b½ 49w17,5
22GMHowell David W L2680185b1121w1 57b1 79w1 19b1 3b0 33w1 11w1 4b0 10b07,0
23GMHebden Mark L2665218b1 69w1 86b0166w1 90b1 82w1 19b1 4w0 32b1 11w07,0
24IMHawkins Jonathan2635263b1104w1 89b1 81w1 1b0 39w1 79b1 5w0 34b1 6w07,0
25GMJones Gawain C B2628113w1123b1207w1 62b1 3w0 52b1 35w½ 12b½ 21w½ 46b½7,0
26IMGhasi Ameet K2620186b1105w1 90b1 86w1 5b0 85w1 59b1 14b0 12w0 83w17,0
27GMNunn John D M2601188w1124b1 87w1 64b0 99b1 84w1 49w1 7b0 41w½7,0
28GMGormally Daniel W2583150b½160w1136b1258w½ 59b0131w0186b1170w1 74b1 86w17,0
29IMBluebaum Matthias2560190b1166w1 92b0 72w1 60b1 86w½ 55b½ 85w1 53b1 8w07,0
30IMStopa Jacek2521224b1129w1117b1 4w½ 92b½ 97w½ 83b0102w½118b1 89w17,0
31GMMcDonald Neil2485225b1131w1 94b½329w½117b½123w1 86b½ 59w0165b1 92w17,0
32IMWallace John Paul2485191w1134b1118w0 73b1 96w1 64b0 93w1 87b1 23w0 88b17,0
33IMBates Richard A2470193b1109w1119b1 5w0 94b1165w1 22b0 92w1 8b0 97w17,0
34GMGordon Stephen J2470226w1209b1 45w1 2b0164w1118b0 96w1 43b1 24w0 87b17,0
35GMSpeelman Jon S2470227b1 74w1293b1 47w1 16b½ 6w½ 25b½ 9w0 97b½ 94w17,0
36GMWells Peter K2433196b1110w1115b1 8w½ 77b½ 47w0 94b1 61w0102b1 98w17,0
37IMKiik Kalle2425331w1260b1211w½ 46b0148w½107b1 66w½124b1 95w½ 91b17,0
38IMMilliet Sophie2410266b1169w1 5b0110w1121b½ 71w1 6b0123w1 98b½116w17,0
39IMWeber Tom2404231w1140b1 14w0208b1 68w1 24b0124w½125b½126w1 95b17,0
40IMRoberson Peter T2395394b+111w1 16b0170w1 69b1 11w0165b0172w1103b1 77w17,0
41IMLedger Andrew J2388233w1173b1 15w0260b1 70w½133b1 78w1 10b0131w1 27b½7,0
42Bukojemski Adam2365237b1174w1 9b0172w1129b½261w½166b1 8w0104b1 79w17,0
43CMGavriel Tryfon C2320241w1144b1 10w0261b½172w1111b1 34w0138b1 81w17,0
44IMBrendel Oliver2281244b1295w1 49b½ 12w0169b1146w1 77b0127w1 48b½ 82w17,0
45Zujev Oleg2198300b1256w1 34b0295w1 51w1 20b0 52w0176b1 78w1 80b17,0
46FMSalomon Johan2185335b1 6w½149b1 37w1 8b0292w1 49b0147w1 55b1 25w½7,0
47GMVan Wely Loek2692184w1 68b1 56w1 35b0 58w1 36b1 20w½ 80b1 9w0 12b06,5
48GMDragun Kamil2563189w1106b1 59w1 3b0 91w0217b1 62w½ 68b1 44w½ 56b½6,5
49IMRendle Thomas E2515153w1128b1 44w½ 95b1 13w0 70b1 46w1 27b0163w1 21b06,5
50GMFodor Tamas Jr.2499392b+107b1 95w½ 94w½ 63b1 92w1 5b0 58w0 65b½129w16,5
51IMCox John J2440229b1 75w1 72b1 16w0 45b0110w1 61b0111w1120b1 66w½6,5
52McPhillips Joseph2418197b0205w1263b1108w1 98b1 25w0 45b1165w1 11b0 69w½6,5
53IMMortazavi Ali2418198w1138b1 3w0132b½211w1125b1 10w½118b1 29w0 60b½6,5
54GMSummerscale Aaron P2418393b+137w1 1b0135w1165b0 75w1 65b1 98w½ 71b1 13b06,5
55IMCobb James2410230w1139b1 13w0133b½141w1128b1 29w½ 64b½ 46w0125b16,5
56IMFernandez Daniel Howard2403158b1171w1 47b0137w½136b1129w1 8b½ 19w0121b1 48w½6,5
57IMGullaksen Eirik2387267w1213b1 22w0138b0161w1134b1106w1 15b½150w1 18b06,5
58IMVuilleumier Alexandre2335159b1175w½147b½214w1 47b0212w+154w1 50b1 18w½ 15b06,5
59IMBai Jinshi2325333b1179w1 48b0112w1 28w1 18b1 26w0 31b1 17w½ 20b06,5
60IMPein Malcolm2313269w1177b1 29w0213b1 -0179w1193b1 53w½6,5
61FMJackson James P2305272b1146w1 11b0147w1 18w0176b1 51w1 36b1 77w½ 17b06,5
62FMStrugnell Carl2298243b1294w1292b1 25w0 11b0180w1 48b½ 73w1 15w0130b16,5
63Holland James P2283274w1148b1 18w0178b1 50w0144b½138w0217b1206w1131b16,5
64IMDale Ari2204298b1290w1328b1 27w1 4b0 32w1 11b0 55w½ 83b½ 85w½6,5
65FMBritton Richard L2193277w1161b1 80w0148b0151w1215b1 54w0178b1 50w½132b16,5
66Muter Donny2193301w+ 1w0187b1150w1 81b0229w1 37b½133b1 80w½ 51b½6,5
67Bates Caspar J2185278w1 13b0264w1217b½261w0188b1140w1 74b0141w1148b16,5
68Hahn Florian2165305b1 47w0224b1244w1 39b0197w½146b1 48w0147b1136w16,5
69Wadsworth Matthew J2148251w1 23b0366w1273b1 40w0114b1207w½ 78b½ 84w1 52b½6,5
70Bullen Alex2133311b1 9w0196b1116w1 41b½ 49w0147b0218w1146b1139w16,5
71Brown Rowan M2132312w1 10b0154w1161b½236w1 38b0295w1207b1 54w0157b16,5
72Zymberi Astrit2116375w1 17b1 51w0 29b0114w0242b1190w1113b½144w1154b16,5
73Claridge-Hansen William2110282b1 77w0266b1 32w0222b1148w1 62b0149w1156w16,5
74Nilsen Martin2080322w1 35b0157w½239b0243w1153b1219b1 67w1 28w0119b16,5
75Tambini Jasper2073344w1 51b0199w1257b0226w1 54b0192w½227b1161w1123b16,5
76Zhu Richard1975 3w0302b1287w1 96b0203w1 93b0251w1164b½128w1124b16,5
77GMVakhidov Jahongir2560222w1 73b1 91w1 13b½ 36w½ 84b½ 44w1 6w0 61b½ 40b06,0
78IMAnsell Simon T2508330b1167w1329b½ 97w0209b1121w1 41b0 69w½ 45b0168w16,0
79GMHector Jonny2485265w1132b1 96w1 22b0 93w1 91b1 24w0 21b0 99w1 42b06,0
80GMParker Jonathan F2448194b1135w1 65b1 7w½ 6b½111w1 9b½ 47w0 66b½ 45w06,0
81IMHagen Andreas Skytte2434195w1210b1164w1 24b0 66w1 15b0100w1 91b0106w1 43b06,0
82IMHaugli Petter2410157w1211b0219w1134b1100w1 23b0120w1115b1 10w0 44b06,0
83IMSadzikowski Daniel2402199w1141b½212w1211b1 10w0132b1 30w1 13b0 64w½ 26b06,0
84FMLongson Alexander2395232b1142w1 7b0168w1103b1 77w½ 27b0121w½ 69b0172w16,0
85FMSaatdjian Thomas2368236w1261b1 2w0139b1138w1 26b0126w1 29b0125w½ 64b½6,0
86FMHolm Kristian Stuvik2361200w1176b1 23w1 26b0145w1 29b½ 31w½ 17b0107w1 28b06,0
87Willmoth Robert F2358268b1214w1 27b0143w1111b0168w1167b1 32w0166b1 34w06,0
88IMBeaumont Chris R2343269b½242w1175b1 6w0137b½170w1131b0261w1108b1 32w06,0
89IMSarakauskas Gediminas2343239w1177b1 24w0140b1 15w0208b1183w1 18b0145w1 30b06,0
90FMLagumina Giulio2334270w1178b1 26w0173b1 23w0138b½211w½150b0216w1170b16,0
91IMWall Gavin2320271b1112w1 77b0179w1 48b1 79w0261b1 81w1 19b0 37w06,0
92FMPaterek Michal2313201w1145b1 29w1 10b½ 30w½ 50b0267w1 33b0114w1 31b06,0
93CMColeman David J2253248b1181w1 19b0180w1 79b0 76w1 32b0112w1116b0175w16,0
94Galliano Alexander2253275w1362b1 31w½ 50b½ 33w0145b1 36w0213b1115w1 35b06,0
95FMKoskinen Henri2233334b1182w1 50b½ 49w0212b½185w½174b1136w1 37b½ 39w06,0
96FMThompson Ian D2215203b1197w1 79b0 76w1 32b0182w1 34b0180w½168b½179w16,0
97IMBasman Michael J2208297w1381b1 20w1 78b1 2w0 30b½ 17w0132b1 35w½ 33b06,0
98Prill Daniel2193249b1 4w0190b1193w1 52w0181b1257w1 54b½ 38w½ 36b06,0
99Vujatovic Rajko2192303b1 5w0223b1115w½174b1 27w0175b1138w½ 79b0182w16,0
100Lam Paul G M2185152b1197w1 82b0196w1 81b0193w0239b1187w16,0
101CMWalton Alan J2185304w1 14b0188w½291b1215w½183b0264w1145b0184w1177b16,0
102Kalavannan Koby2155336w1220b1257w0219b½171w1 30b½ 36w0181b16,0
103Okike David2148338w1 2b0151w1191b1 84w0113b1 21w0215b1 40w0190b16,0
104Mitra Roman C2140309w1 24b0114w1206b1 21w0154b0189w1181b1 42w0193b16,0
105Armstrong Malcolm J2133310w1 26b0153w0245b0281w1241b½200w1188b1173w1113b½6,0
106Bang Dominique2117339b1 48w0156b1292w0224b1256w1 57b0198w1 81b0197w16,0
107Gaudeau Valentin2095316b1 50w0237b½269w1115b½ 37w0330b1256w1 86b0202w16,0
108Hoegener Claude2088318w1 20b0195w1 52b0154w0201b1151w1267b1 88w0194b16,0
109Abdullayev Shami2080397w1 33b0230w1 20b0191w1 17b0114w0231b1264w1199b16,0
110Jacobsen Fredrik Beer2065346w1 36b0267w1 38b0194w1 51b0227w½192b½189w1206b16,0
111Archer-Lock Christopher J2020324b+ 40b0274w1207b1 87w1 80b0 43w0 51b0192w1165w16,0
112Sagues Vincent1983380w1 91b0320w1 59b0200w½270b½203w1 93b0267w1164b16,0
113Lobersli Henrik Oie1915 25b0305w1165b0298w1116b1103w0160b1 72w½129b1105w½6,0
114Bin-Suhayl Ieysaa1870292b0281w1104b0279w1 72b1 69w0109b1167w1 92b0166w16,0
115Rygg Snorre1840389b+352b1 36w0 99b½107w½164b1292w1 82w0 94b0167w16,0
116Kalerwa Edwin M1870327w1164b0184w1 70b0113w0332b1220w1134b1 93w1 38b06,0
117FMSanders Isaac B2275245w1320b1 30w0144b1 31w½148b1 12w0128b1 20w0 -05,5
118Haria Ravi2208276b1246w1 32b1 9w0328b1 34w1 7b0 53w0 30w0138b½5,5
119White Kevin D2208204w1373b1 33w0145b0222w½267b0357w+185w1174b1 74w05,5
120WFMHegarty Sarah N2155279b1 7w0225b1316w1258b0234w1 82b0195w1 51w0145b½5,5
121Hill Alistair2148337b+ 22b0222w1153b1 38w½ 78b0173w1 84b½ 56w0155w½5,5
122Harasic Borgialli Mihail2145308b1 8w0193b0254w½242w½271w½256b0306w1241b1217b15,5
123FMSmith Andrew Philip2140280b1 25w0229b1321w1 31b0144w1 38b0142w1 75w05,5
124Liang Jake Z2118281b1 27w0197b0272w1152b1159w1 39b½ 37w0180b1 76w05,5
125Cumming Rhys2110396w+ 11w0158b½155w1149b1 53w0185b1 39w½ 85b½ 55w05,5
126Harari Zaki2110313b1292w0232b1328w0330b1160w1 85b0202w1 39b0159w½5,5
127Prior Stephen C V2110314w1 18b0191w0247b1153w½265b1149w1 44b0148w0220b15,5
128WIMZepeda Lorena2108283b1 49w0234b½235w1216b1 55w0197b1117w0 76b0218w15,5
129Aravind Subramanian N.2104340w1 30b0192w1 17b1 42w½ 56b0217w1163b1113w0 50b05,5
130Jina Taran2103315b1 19w0235b½234w0160b0307w1237b1219w1223b1 62w05,5
131WIMRegan Natasha K2095359w1 31b0228w1234b½ 28b1 88w1 41b0 63w05,5
132Golding Alex2088341b1 79w0159b1 53w½239b1 83w0232b1 97w0153b1 65w05,5
133Holleland Sigve2088319b½306w1150b½ 55w½296b1 41w0239b1 66w0156b0219w15,5
134Chan Nevil2080342b1 32w0333b1 82w0193b1 57w0155b1116w0221b1160w½5,5
135Ponting Andrew2073360w1 80b0231w1 54b0192w0273b1191w1154b½157w0222b15,5
136Raoof Adam N2073343b1 12w½ 28w0157b1 56w0199b1236w1 95b0235w1 68b05,5
137Sucikova Svetlana2058348w1 54b0332w1 56b½ 88w½207b0194w1206b0151w½227b15,5
138FMFernandez Michael2050253w+ 53w0248b1 57w1 85b0 90w½ 63b1 99b½ 43w0118w½5,5
139WFMDe Rosa Mariagrazia2047349b1 55w0202b1 85w0197b0246w½333w1226b1207w1 70b05,5
140Bolt Graham2043399b1 39w0334b1 89w0156b½158w1 67b0153w0246b1223w+5,5
141WFMNorinkeviciute Rasa2035363b1 83w½ 12b0243w1 55b0232w0241b1229w1 67b0224w15,5
142Kamath Raghu2028368w1 84b0273w0275b1239w0271b1158w1123b0229w15,5
143Ismailov Roman2013287w1207b0247w1 87b0266w0274b1268w½199b½196w½235b15,5
144Kenning Paul H1983379b1 43w0290b1117w0334b1 63w½123b0232w1 72b0239w15,5
145Rozycki Bartlomiej1982371b1 92w0383b1119w1 86b0 94w0325b1101w1 89b0120w½5,5
146Jezierski Colum1975404w+ 61b0345w½205b1354w1 44b0 68w0300b1 70w0249b15,5
147Nettleton Charlie B1975254b½351w1 58w½ 61b0270w½333b1 70w1 46b0 68w0250b15,5
148Niccoli Tony1960388b1 63w0256b1 65w1 37b½117w0 73b0246w1127b1 67w05,5
149Obiamiwe Paul1958205b½254w1 46w0327b1125w0300b1127b0311w1 73b0252w15,5
150Stewart Tony Cm1908 28w½285b1133w½ 66b0353w1209b1 90w1 57b0 -05,5

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Tie Break1: points (game-points)