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First Saturday IM Dec 2014

Last update 16.12.2014 20:24:36, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team eng

1FMLyell MarkENG2236100½½½01115,53IM
6FMHouse Glenn LENG22420100½½10104,05IM

Player details

FM Lyell Mark 2236 ENG Rp:2310 Pts. 5,5
16FMHouse Glenn L2242ENG4,0w 1IM
22IMSzalanczy Emil2234HUN6,5w 0IM
33IMKozlitin Oleg2329RUS6,0s 0IM
44IMSzeberenyi Adam2316HUN4,5w ½IM
55WFMMarjanovics Annamaria2247HUN3,5s ½IM
66FMHouse Glenn L2242ENG4,0s ½IM
72IMSzalanczy Emil2234HUN6,5s 0IM
83IMKozlitin Oleg2329RUS6,0w 1IM
94IMSzeberenyi Adam2316HUN4,5s 1IM
105WFMMarjanovics Annamaria2247HUN3,5w 1IM
FM House Glenn L 2242 ENG Rp:2200 Pts. 4,0
11FMLyell Mark2236ENG5,5s 0IM
24IMSzeberenyi Adam2316HUN4,5w 1IM
32IMSzalanczy Emil2234HUN6,5s 0IM
45WFMMarjanovics Annamaria2247HUN3,5w 0IM
53IMKozlitin Oleg2329RUS6,0s ½IM
61FMLyell Mark2236ENG5,5w ½IM
74IMSzeberenyi Adam2316HUN4,5s 1IM
82IMSzalanczy Emil2234HUN6,5w 0IM
95WFMMarjanovics Annamaria2247HUN3,5s 1IM
103IMKozlitin Oleg2329RUS6,0w 0IM