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First Saturday GM Dec 2014

Last update 16.12.2014 20:24:59, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team aut

5FMDragnev ValentinAUT23640000½1½013,09GM

Player details

FM Dragnev Valentin 2364 AUT Rp:2282 Pts. 3,0
16GMFominyh Alexander2438RUS5,0w 0GM
27Golubov Saveliy2382RUS4,0s 0GM
38IMTorma Robert2417HUN5,5w 0GM
49Fang Yuxiang2295CHN5,0s 0GM
51GMFlumbort Andras Dr.2463HUN5,5w ½GM
62FMKojima Shinya2356JPN4,0s 1GM
73IMArngrimsson Dagur2386ISL2,5w ½GM
84IMBenkovic Petar2395SRB4,5s 0GM
910GMMedvegy Zoltan2527HUN6,0w 1GM