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Nordisk mesterskab for skoleelever 2015 (Grp D 2002-03)

Last update 16.02.2015 02:54:52, Creator/Last Upload: ia mogens nielsen

Starting rank

1KEINANEN Toivo509825FIN2135
2KISTRUP Nicolai1444816DEN2079
3TRYGGESTAD Andreas Garberg1513338NOR2069
4OLSEN Filip Boe1440640DEN2045
5STEFANSSON Vignir Vatnar2308649ISL1959
6NORDQUELLE Daniel1519042NOR1847
7FJALLHEIM Leif Reinert7201788FAI1585
8GRUESO CORDOBA Santiago1723529SWE1582
9KRAVCHUK Mykhaylo2310007ISL1462
10CARLSSON Ludvig1727010SWE1395
11KUMPUMAKI Santeri512907FIN0
12MORKORE Rogvi7202563FAI0