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Nordisk mesterskab for skoleelever 2015 (Grp C 2000-01)

Last update 15.02.2015 20:38:58, Creator/Last Upload: ia mogens nielsen

Starting rank

1DJURHUUS Eivind X1515721NOR2103
2HALLMAN Valo508098FIN2100
3MACHLIK Endre1513605NOR2081
4MOLLER Sophus Mechlenburg1439090DEN2064
5NILSSON Joakim 20001723383SWE1933
6HEIMISSON Hilmir Freyr2309998ISL1929
7BIRKISSON Bjorn Holm2310600ISL1911
8KRISTENSEN Bjarke Hautop1437747DEN1904
9NG Klemens1720783SWE1854
10SKAALE Janus7201575FAI1404
11OLSEN Kaj7202490FAI0
12SALMELIN Aaro512834FIN0