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Rapid Turnr "Zeta 13-2014"

Last update 08.11.2014 23:45:51, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1FMDjukanovic Sreten920304MNE2322
2Milovic Jovan930903MNE2315
3Punin Andrii14112639UKR2299
4Vujacic Igor932620MNE2193
5Vukcevic Nemanja941808MNE2174
6Tomic Aleksandar16501799MNE2152
7Djokovic Mirsad903930MNE2089
8Jeknic Velimir909831MNE2028
9Tomic Dragomir939072MNE2004
10Popadic Rade927457MNE1990
11Asanin Radomir16501314MNE1980
12Vujadinovic Zeljko910449MNE1930
13Knezevic Radomir16500822MNE1873
14Vukcevic Milenko16501063MNE1634
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