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Last update 01.11.2014 06:34:40, Creator/Last Upload: education license (until 31.12.2015)

Starting rank

1WIMDelgado Ayala Maria Adria51038351900GRO
2WFMRoque Sola Gisela51202411891DF
3WFMMendez Tovar Jessica Yiss51135801860VER
4WCMParkhurst Casas Miriam51165201822JAL
5WCMTorres Rosas Rita Rosalia51034441821CAM
6WCMSanchez Matias Nuria Ange51155741712DF
7Valentin Sosa Ameyalli Mo51148451658OAX
8Arriaga Dominguez Alejandr362640PUE
9Hernandez Davila Irma Patr304420HGO
10Hernandez Davila Ana Gabri304410HGO