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III Sigulda District Open Rapid Chess Championship

Last update 05.10.2014 15:51:32, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKovalenko Igor2719LAT 56w1 35b1 30w1 11b1 22w1 3b1 5w1 8b1 7w1 4b1 2w½10,565,078,02816
2GMNeiksans Arturs2577LAT 57b1 19w1 21b½ 4w1 7b½ 12w½ 3b½ 10w½ 6b1 8w1 1b½8,066,582,02539
3FMMeskovs Nikita2414LAT 71b1 36w1 29b1 9w1 12b½ 1w0 2w½ 14b½ 23w1 7b½ 13w18,062,577,52445
4NMNikolajev Denis2373LAT 61w1 39b1 15w½ 2b0 23w1 32w1 10b½ 37b1 9w1 1w0 18b18,061,577,02371
5GMGleizerov Evgeny2553RUS 69w1 24b1 12w0 33b1 29w1 22b1 1b0 21w½ 14w1 9b1 7w½8,060,075,02450
6GMMiezis Normunds2544LAT 55b1 26w1 31b0 34w1 36b1 9w0 17w1 30b1 2w0 11b1 12w18,059,572,52368
7IMBerzinsh Roland2462LAT 43b1 64w½ 44b1 21w1 2w½ 17b½ 16w1 12b1 1b0 3w½ 5b½7,563,078,02425
8FMLadva Ottomar2451EST 47w1 17b1 25w1 12b0 24w1 16b½ 11w1 1w0 21b1 2b0 26w17,562,078,02376
9FMVovk Ilja2326EST 59w1 27b1 54w1 3b0 13w1 6b1 12w½ 22b1 4b0 5w0 21b17,562,075,02370
10IMKrivonosov Oleg2507LAT 45w1 13b1 33w½ 15b½ 35w1 11b½ 4w½ 2b½ 12w½ 26b½ 23w17,561,575,02321
11MKBernotas Arturs2322LAT 52b1 40w1 32b1 1w0 26b1 10w½ 8b0 46w1 25b1 6w0 24b17,560,076,02341
12IMAntoms Guntars2285LAT 53w1 74b1 5b1 8w1 3w½ 2b½ 9b½ 7w0 10b½ 38w1 6b07,065,578,02414
13MKAbozenko Georg2083EST 58b1 10w0 46b1 28w1 9b0 18w0 57b1 40w1 33b1 16w1 3b07,058,071,02147
14GMPetkevich Jusefs2278LAT 66b1 15w0 64b1 37w1 27b½ 21w½ 18b1 3w½ 5b0 17w½ 36b17,058,070,52200
15IIvanov Igor.1939RUS 78w1 14b1 4b½ 10w½ 16b0 35w½ 27b½ 31w0 55b1 30b1 29w17,057,069,02265
16NMKretainis Kristaps2209LAT 65w1 54b0 56w1 20b1 15w1 8w½ 7b0 24b½ 37w1 13b0 39w17,057,069,02149
17MKChukavin Kirill2073EST 76b1 8w0 66b1 85w1 31b1 7w½ 6b0 25b0 49w1 14b½ 34w17,054,566,02149
18IBatashevs Arsens1907LAT 91w1 33b0 63w0 65b1 58w1 13b1 14w0 48b1 22w1 19b1 4w07,053,062,52056
19MKDzjuba Vsevolod2142LAT 62w1 2b0 45w0 68w1 57b1 54b1 37w0 56b1 34w1 18w0 38b17,050,563,02027
20MKKolesnikovs Ivans1983LAT 82b1 21w0 70b1 16w0 55b½ 52w1 23b0 66w1 32b1 31w1 22b½7,050,561,52104
21NMJankovskis Guntis2288LAT 94b+ 20b1 2w½ 7b0 33w1 14b½ 39w1 5b½ 8w0 35b1 9w06,562,575,52343
22FMKrupenski Juri2357EST 46b1 34w1 38b1 31w1 1b0 5w0 26b1 9w0 18b0 37w1 20w½6,560,076,02209
23NMTokranovs Dmitrijs2216LAT 51b1 38w0 57b1 40w½ 4b0 56b1 20w1 32w1 3b0 27w1 10b06,557,570,52127
24MKSaksis Juris2117LAT 70b1 5w0 43b1 54w1 8b0 38w1 32b½ 16w½ 31b½ 25w1 11w06,557,570,02180
25MKMalyshev Roman2192RUS 87b1 28w1 8b0 41w1 32b0 27w1 46b½ 17w1 11w0 24b0 45w16,557,068,02079
26MKPetrovskis Olegs2094LAT 90w1 6b0 47w1 42b1 11w0 63b1 22w0 45b1 30w1 10w½ 8b06,556,566,52133
27MKStabulnieks Klavs2025LAT 77w1 9w0 67b1 30b1 14w½ 25b0 15w½ 29b½ 46w1 23b0 47w16,554,566,02113
28ILimanovska Elizabete1838LAT 73w1 25b0 77w1 13b0 63w0 67b½ 51w1 72b1 29w0 46b1 48w16,546,057,01851
29NMKarklins Imants2169LAT 80w1 42b1 3w0 49b1 5b0 34w0 41b1 27w½ 28b1 36w½ 15b06,057,569,52069
30MKDubrovin Robert2294EST 89w1 37b1 1b0 27w0 40b1 36w1 34b1 6w0 26b0 15w0 56b16,057,072,52133
31MKBerzinsh Ivars2212LAT 60w1 49b1 6w1 22b0 17w0 37b0 47w1 15b1 24w½ 20b0 42w½6,057,070,02066
32MKKantoris Agris2100LAT 48w1 68b1 11w0 39b1 25w1 4b0 24w½ 23b0 20w0 49b1 41b½6,057,069,52120
33FMKrustkalns Kristaps2210LAT 67b1 18w1 10b½ 5w0 21b0 42w1 40b½ 49b1 13w0 34b0 54w16,056,068,52109
34NMDaudzvardis Janis2063LAT 81w1 22b0 60w1 6b0 45w1 29b1 30w0 54b1 19b0 33w1 17b06,054,066,02067
35MKLaizans Aivars2169LAT 72b1 1w0 55b1 38w1 10b0 15b½ 49w0 69w1 41b1 21w0 43b½6,053,568,02066
36MKMelderis Uldis2071LAT 63w1 3b0 89w1 45b1 6w0 30b0 61w½ 59b1 42w1 29b½ 14w06,053,566,02038
37MKJekabsons Ivars2014LAT 86b1 30w0 87b1 14b0 47w1 31w1 19b1 4w0 16b0 22b0 61w16,053,565,02123
38IGercans Visvaldis1926LAT 95w1 23b1 22w0 35b0 89w1 24b0 63w1 39b1 64w1 12b0 19w06,052,563,02040
39MKUngurs Kazimirs2065LAT 85b1 4w0 51b1 32w0 69b1 44w1 21b0 38w0 56b1 40w1 16b06,052,063,52015
40MKBolsakovs Vadims2005LAT 88w1 11b0 65w1 23b½ 30w0 59b1 33w½ 13b0 63w1 39b0 60w16,050,560,01980
41ISaksis Ivo1977LAT 79w½ 48b½ 80w1 25b0 59w½ 77b1 29w0 53b1 35w0 54b1 32w½6,047,057,51979
42IIvonins Andis1890LAT 92b1 29w0 73b1 26w0 66b½ 33b0 77w1 67w1 36b0 52w1 31b½6,046,556,01903
43MKNi Polina1796LAT 7w0 75b1 24w0 58b0 90w1 62b1 48w0 65b½ 80w1 64b1 35w½6,045,555,01872
44WIMVoronova Tatiana2219LAT 68w½ 79b1 7w0 63b1 64w½ 39b0 45w0 60b1 54w0 72b1 55w16,044,055,51872
45ISenkans Antons1803LAT 10b0 58w1 19b1 36w0 34b0 70w1 44b1 26w0 48w½ 65b1 25b05,553,065,02007
46IBekasovs Rihards1783LAT 22w0 81b1 13w0 75b1 74w1 64b1 25w½ 11b0 27b0 28w0 70b15,551,062,51909
47IMitenieks Matiss1795LAT 8b0 76w1 26b0 83w1 37b0 58w1 31b0 71w½ 51b1 50w1 27b05,551,062,51891
48MKSmilga Kristaps2050LAT 32b0 41w½ 86b1 64w0 51b1 55w½ 43b1 18w0 45b½ 66w1 28b05,549,560,01870
49MKPolyakov Fedor1930LAT 93b1 31w0 83b1 29w0 52b½ 66w1 35b1 33w0 17b0 32w0 58b15,549,059,01946
50ILielmezs Girts1923LAT -0 -0 -0 78w1 76b1 53w1 47b0 65w15,546,556,51900
51IZiedins Roberts1696LAT 23w0 78b1 39w0 77b½ 48w0 68w1 28b0 79b1 47w0 80b1 69w15,544,555,01865
52ISmits Gundars1773LAT 11w0 77b0 88w1 81b1 49w½ 20b0 67w0 86b1 74w1 42b0 64w15,543,553,01857
53ISarnovska Eira1724LAT 12b0 83w0 82b1 91w1 54b0 76w½ 85b1 41w0 50b0 79w1 71b15,542,050,51759
54IBirgelis Janis1908LAT 84b1 16w1 9b0 24b0 53w1 19w0 55b1 34w0 44b1 41w0 33b05,055,065,01995
55IVidrikis Ansis1804LAT 6w0 90b1 35w0 70b1 20w½ 48b½ 54w0 62b1 15w0 63b1 44b05,050,560,51857
56MKBreikss Peteris1831LAT 1b0 72w1 16b0 87w1 85b1 23w0 71b1 19w0 39w0 68b1 30w05,049,063,01939
57IGrigorjevs Arsenijs1817LAT 2w0 62b1 23w0 80b1 19w0 65b1 13w0 63b0 81w1 60b0 76w15,047,559,51735
58IGermanovs Georgijs1479LAT 13w0 45b0 95w1 43w1 18b0 47b0 60w0 84b1 78w1 59b1 49w05,047,056,51749
59MKPetersons Ojars1782LAT 9b0 86w½ 68b½ 84w1 41b½ 40w0 76b1 36w0 67b½ 58w0 66b15,044,054,01756
60ILiepins Vitauts1691LAT 31b0 93w1 34b0 73w0 76b0 83w1 58b1 44w0 82b1 57w1 40b05,044,053,01747
61IPlitnieks Janis1786LAT 4b0 85w0 76b0 82w1 81b1 73w1 36b½ 64b0 72w½ 67w1 37b05,041,052,51655
62IZvans Maris1626LAT 19b0 57w0 93b1 69w0 84b1 43w0 82b1 55w0 73b1 71w0 78b15,040,049,51706
63IGruznins Leons1304LAT 36b0 71w1 18b1 44w0 28b1 26w0 38b0 57w1 40b0 55w0 67b½4,551,563,01857
64MKVisockis Janis2078LAT 75w1 7b½ 14w0 48b1 44b½ 46w0 69b½ 61w1 38b0 43w0 52b04,551,063,01872
65IHemmelis Viesturs1663LAT 16b0 84w1 40b0 18w0 86b1 57w0 75b1 43w½ 71b1 45w0 50b04,549,058,51759
66IBogorods Daniels1716LAT 14w0 88b1 17w0 78b1 42w½ 49b0 74w1 20b0 69w1 48b0 59w04,549,058,01866
67IVasilkovs Aleksandrs1669LAT 33w0 95b1 27w0 74b0 78w1 28w½ 52b1 42b0 59w½ 61b0 63w½4,547,057,01740
68IKarpovs Sergejs1704LAT 44b½ 32w0 59w½ 19b0 79w0 51b0 83b1 88w1 70b1 56w0 75b½4,544,553,51756
69IKatajevs Jevgenijs1816LAT 5b0 70w0 79w1 62b1 39w0 80b1 64w½ 35b0 66b0 85w1 51b04,544,055,51772
70ILahs Armands1596LAT 24w0 69b1 20w0 55w0 91b1 45b0 79w½ 77b1 68w0 74b1 46w04,544,052,51764
71IMarkus Viktors1788LAT 3w0 63b0 81w0 88b1 75w1 79b1 56w0 47b½ 65w0 62b1 53w04,542,552,51609
72IMurnieks Zigmunds1631LAT 35w0 56b0 78w0 95b1 92w1 74b½ 89w+ 28w0 61b½ 44w0 73b½4,542,552,01674
73IIMushkey Boris0LAT 28b0 -1 42w0 60b1 77w0 61b0 90w1 74b0 62w0 81b1 72w½4,542,050,51581
74MKSelivanovs Anatolijs1944LAT 83b1 12w0 85b0 67w1 46b0 72w½ 66b0 73w1 52b0 70w0 86w14,540,050,51622
75IKrastins Arturs1414LAT 64b0 43w0 92b1 46w0 71b0 84w1 65w0 78b0 91w1 88b1 68w½4,535,042,51659
76INuksa Kaspars1367LAT 17w0 47b0 61w1 89b0 60w1 53b½ 59w0 50w0 77b½ 82w1 57b04,047,058,01714
77IMalnieks Karlis1869LAT 27b0 52w1 28b0 51w½ 73b1 41w0 42b0 70w0 76w½ 78b0 90w14,046,054,51588
78IISimansons Edgars1750LAT 15b0 51w0 72b1 66w0 67b0 81w1 50b0 75w1 58b0 77w1 62w04,044,055,01544
79IIKozlinskis Simons1750LAT 41b½ 44w0 69b0 86w½ 68b1 71w0 70b½ 51w0 87b1 53b0 80w½4,042,552,01688
80ITamanis Anzelms1660LAT 29b0 92w1 41b0 57w0 83b1 69w0 86b½ 85w1 43b0 51w0 79b½4,042,051,01668
81IBude Toms1147LAT 34b0 46w0 71b1 52w0 61w0 78b0 91b1 87w1 57b0 73w0 85b14,040,548,01577
82IIKlimovics Edgars1750LAT 20w0 89b0 53w0 61b0 88w1 92b1 62w0 90b1 60w0 76b0 87b14,038,047,01569
83IISimansons Andris1750LAT 74w0 53b1 49w0 47b0 80w0 60b0 68w0 91b1 90w1 86b0 88w14,036,543,51633
84IVJansons Valdis1550LAT 54w0 65b0 90w1 59b0 62w0 75b0 -1 58w0 88b0 91w+ 91w+4,034,541,51316
85IBagirov Eldar1301LAT 39w0 61b1 74w1 17b0 56w0 89b½ 53w0 80b0 86w1 69b0 81w03,543,554,01654
86IVitins Janis1850LAT 37w0 59b½ 48w0 79b½ 65w0 93b1 80w½ 52w0 85b0 83w1 74b03,540,549,51634
87IBautris Aivars1660LAT 25w0 91b1 37w0 56b0 -0 -0 93w+ 81b0 79w0 90b1 82w03,037,545,51522
88IIGrandans Rainers1750LAT 40b0 66w0 52b0 71w0 82b0 -1 92w+ 68b0 84w1 75w0 83b03,037,045,51366
89IHaciveli Zubeirs1761LAT 30b0 82w1 36b0 76w1 38b0 85w½ 72b- -0 -0 -0 -02,542,552,01728
90IMagone Andris1483LAT 26b0 55w0 84b0 93w1 43b0 91w1 73b0 82w0 83b0 87w0 77b02,036,044,01445
91IVKekurs Pauls1550LAT 18b0 87w0 -1 53b0 70w0 90b0 81w0 83w0 75b0 84b- 84b-1,034,543,5785
92IVMiglinieks Maris1550LAT 42w0 80b0 75w0 -1 72b0 82w0 88b- -0 -0 -0 -01,033,041,0869
93IIVilnrags Janis1750LAT 49w0 60b0 62w0 90b0 -1 86w0 87b- -0 -0 -0 -01,031,539,0916
94IDeisons Uldis1747LAT 21w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,031,538,50
95IVAllis Ernests1550LAT 38b0 67w0 58b0 72w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,030,037,0876

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)