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2nd Championship of Anogia 2014

Last update 16.11.2014 00:19:15, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1FMMaris IoannisGRE2022ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
2Lyrakis StavrosGRE1893ΟΦΗ 2000
3Ntagiantas EmmanouilGRE1612ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
4Halkias IoannisGRE1583O.A.A.H.
5Memos IoannisGRE1494ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
6Heretis GeorgiosGRE1377ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
7Ntagiantas DimitriosGRE1294ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
8Kallergis GeorgiosGRE1264ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
9Hairetis IoannisGRE1239ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
10Fasoulas EmmanouilGRE1310ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
11Saloustros KonstantinosGRE1010ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
12Mirzak ValeriaGRE1005ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
13Ntagiantas GeorgiosGRE1005ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
14Sfiri-Bageri OlympiaGRE1005ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
15Kakaziani NerantzoGRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
16Konios CharalamposGRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
17Memou EvangeliaGRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
18Saloustrou DespinaGRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
19Konios GeorgiosGRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
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