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XXII Memorial Adolfo Pedrido sub 8

Last update 13.09.2014 23:29:50, Creator/Last Upload: FEDRACIÓN GALLEGA DE AJEDREZ (104)

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Starting rank

1Martinez Montes MartinESP1048EXP
2Del Prado Rodriguez XulioESP0Lucena
3Fernandez Romano BrigoESP0CX Fontecarmoa
4Isonra Ordonez SaraESP0wRianxo
5Montes Pardavila MiguelESP0Marin
6Portela Medrano CarmenESP0wEXP
7Rodriguez Barros MartaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
8Rodriguez Iglesias IriaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
9Seoane Castilla RaulESP0Círculo Ferrolano
10Suarez Gomez PaulaESP0wCX Fontecarmoa
11Tarrio PedroESP0Vilagarcia
12Tome Vidal GabrielESP0EXP
13Vazquez Fernandez NicolasESP0EXP
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