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10th Asian Schools Chess Championship 2014 U15 Open

Last update 29.08.2014 07:48:19, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank

1FMLiu XiangyiSGP2209
2Minbayev BolatbekKAZ1898
3Sharang Sanjeev KapoorIND1863
4Ho Jei-ChenTPE1808
5Min Po-YenTPE1694
6Hettiarachchi C USRI1650
7Liao Jo-KaiTPE1606
8Wang Ting-HaoTPE1604
9Altangerel OdgerelMGL1600
10Herath Hasitha PSRI1525
11Lee Hsuan-TingTPE1512
12Shih Yu-AnTPE1475
13Abdulrahim SalemUAE1285
14Bayarjargal BilguunMGL0
15Chan Ming-Hsuan IanTPE0
16Chang Ching-HsiangTPE0
17Hsieh Wen-ChinTPE0
18Wang TonyTPE0