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Prvenstvo Srbije za omladinke za 2014. 18.-24.08.2014.

Last update 24.08.2014 12:58:15, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4WFMZarkovic Mila900451SRB2124
10Tomin Ksenija945315SRB2066
7Injac Teodora932400SRB2003
2Milosevic Jovana900427SRB1980
1Gajcin Marina949086SRB1947
5Rakic Teodora912573SRB1899
8Gajcin Jasmina939030SRB1825
6Petrovic Tijana938840SRB1757
9Sarjanovic Andjela926957SRB1654
3Petrovic Tamara938831SRB1643
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