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41st Olympiad Tromso 2014 Women

Last update 14.08.2014 17:15:32, Creator: herzog,Last Upload: irma und werner stubenvoll

Team-Composition without round-results

  29. Sweden (SWE / RtgAvg:2248 / TB1: 13 / TB2: 293,5) Captain: Bellon Lopez Juan Manuel
1GMCramling Pia2500SWE170003010,011,02659
2WIMAgrest Inna2235SWE17088302,09,01966
3WFMFrisk Ellinor2257SWE17084819,511,02432
4Bengtsson Jessica1933SWE17110833,07,02006
5WFMHorn Emilia2000SWE17053852,06,01873