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41st Olympiad Tromso 2014 Open

Last update 14.08.2014 17:48:55, Creator/Last Upload: herzog

Team composition for federation swe

34. SWE (RtgAvg:2570, Captain:Brynell Stellan)
1GMGrandelius Nils2571SWE1710400
2GMAgrest Evgenij2595SWE1705024
3GMHillarp Persson Tiger2549SWE1700812
4GMTikkanen Hans2559SWE1706446
5GMBerg Emanuel2554SWE1704060
29. SWE (RtgAvg:2248, Captain:Bellon Lopez Juan Manuel)
1GMCramling Pia2500SWE1700030
2WIMAgrest Inna2235SWE1708830
3WFMFrisk Ellinor2257SWE1708481
4Bengtsson Jessica1933SWE1711083
5WFMHorn Emilia2000SWE1705385