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41st Olympiad Tromso 2014 Open

Last update 14.08.2014 17:48:55, Creator/Last Upload: herzog

Team composition for federation nor2

58. NOR2 (RtgAvg:2467, Captain:DELCHEV Alexander)
1IMUrkedal Frode2500NOR1506102
2IMElsness Frode2477NOR1501100
3IMHansen Torbjorn Ringdal2450NOR1501720
4IMTari Aryan2440NOR1510045
5Salomon Johan2353NOR1509500
62. NOR2 (RtgAvg:2011, Captain:MOEN Andreas)
1Machlik Monika2081NOR1513621
2Reppen Ellisiv2016NOR1504959
3Gronnestad Anita1997NOR1502972
4Jorgensen Line Jin1939NOR1505467
5Machlik Edit1950NOR1513591