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World Youth Chess Championship 2003 - Boys-10

Last update 02.11.2003 18:29:24, Creator/Last Upload:

Player overview for ISR

19Popilski Gil1919ISR1101010110½6,531Boys U10

Results of the last round for ISR

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDPts. ResultPts. NameFEDNo.
111581Gretarsson Hjorvar SteinISL6 ½ - ½6 Popilski GilISR19

Player details for ISR

Popilski Gil 1919 ISR Rp:1889 Pts. 6,5
186Jussupov Alexander0GER5,5s 1
2110Piatrushka Yauheni0BLR6,0w 1
3132Zelbel Patrick0GER5,0s 0
4118Scheid Adam0SWE4,5w 1
5129Wang Chen0CHN8,5s 0
698Lortkipanidze Nodar0GEO7,0w 1
7113Rios Cristian0COL6,0s 0
895Liu Zuozhen0CHN5,0w 1
9120Sochacki Christophe0FRA6,0s 1
106Priyadharshan K2063IND7,0w 0
1181Gretarsson Hjorvar Stein0ISL6,5s ½